“It was obvious to stay here”: the MHB manages to extend its center half Kyllian Villeminot until 2028

“It was obvious to stay here”: the MHB manages to extend its center half Kyllian Villeminot until 2028

The adventure continues between the MHB and Kyllian Villeminot. FREE MIDI – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

Montpellier Handball announced this Friday February 9 the extension of the contract of its center half Kyllian Villemenot with whom it had entered into discussions in recent weeks.

Finally some (very) good news in this ocean of doldrums around the MHB players, after the serious injuries of a few players this year (Ahmed Hesham, Stas Skube, Yanis Lenne, Veron Nacinovic), and the rumors of Karl Konan's departure.  

The Montpellier club and its president Julien Deljarry announced this Friday the extension of center half trained at the club Kyllian Villeminot, until 2028. "It’s a source of immense pride for us. We are showing that the work continues, that we are moving forward and that we are building the club for the coming years, said the president. My ambition is that the central element of this team is and will be Kyllian Villeminot."

Status change

"He's a player who knows how to carry the team, when it is well or there are injured, he took the helm brilliantly, continues Julien Deljarry. We were immediately in sync regarding the philosophy, even if it took a little more time for the details, because I had to have certainty with the communities to commit the budget. Kyllian passed a milestone and he set the conditions for him to re-sign."

Confirming an increase in the salary of a player present at MHB since 2016. "He had a status to claim, to take charge of the team . He had a salary milestone to pass. He told me: "When Stas is not there, the backs are not there, I do the job and I do it well"."

"It was a no-brainer to stay here"

"It's a real pride to continue the adventure after so many years,  for his part declared Kyllian Villeminot. We share the same values ​​and ambitions. I watched MHB matches when I was a child, so it was obvious to stay here to continue to grow and evolve in Montpellier."

Injured until the end of the season due to an Achilles tendon injury contracted in Toulouse (33-29 defeat), Villeminot still hopes to perform at MHB to aim higher. "In Montpellier, I already had an important place, but it will be even more important. My personal ambition is to play in the French team and I know that with the MHB, I can achieve these objectives."

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