“It's not a good deal, but…”: Israel accepts Joe Biden's plan to end the war in the Gaza Strip

"It's not a good deal, but...": Israel accepts Joe Biden's plan to end the war in the Gaza Strip

Le Premier ministre israélien est plus que jamais sous pression. MAXPPP

Benjamin Netanyahu rejette toutefois l'idée d'un cessez-le-feu permanent. Il est sous pression alors que deux partenaires d'extrême droite ont menacé de faire défection en cas de mise en oeuvre de la proposition américaine, qui selon eux, épargnerait le Hamas.

An adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Sunday that the Jewish state had accepted the framework agreement proposed by US President Joe Biden to end the war in the Gaza Strip, while describing it as imperfect and still needing work.

Joe Biden's proposal is "a deal that we accepted – it's not a good deal – but we are very keen that the hostages are released, all", said Ophir Falk, Benjamin Netanyahu's main foreign policy advisor, in an interview with the British Sunday Times newspaper. "There are many details to be worked out", he added, specifying that Israeli conditions, notably "the release of the hostages and the destruction of Hamas as a genocidal terrorist organization", had not changed.

Hamas wants to stay in Gaza

Joe Biden presented a three-phase plan on Friday, including a six-week total ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from population centers in the Palestinian territory, as well as the release of Hamas' most vulnerable hostages. The American president, initial support for the Israeli offensive after the Hamas attack on October 7 against the Jewish state, has recently criticized Israel in view of the high number of civilian victims linked to this counterattack.

The American plan also provides for the parties concerned to subsequently negotiate a permanent cessation of hostilities. The step appears to mean that Hamas would continue to play a role in deals brokered by Egypt and Qatar, which could conflict with Israel's determination to stamp out the movement. Palestinian supported by Iran. Hamas, which gives no sign of wanting to withdraw from Gaza, says it will only release the hostages if the war ends permanently. Ophir Falk reaffirmed Benjamin Netanyahu's position that "there will be no permanent ceasefire as long as all objectives (of Israel) ) will not have been reached".

Free movement of Palestinians

Within the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu is currently under pressure, with two far-right partners having threatened to defect if the American proposal is implemented, which they believe would spare Hamas. A centrist partner, former general Benny Gantz, wants the agreement to be studied. Hamas provisionally welcomed Joe Biden's initiative. "Joe Biden's speech contains positive ideas, but we want it to come to fruition as part of a comprehensive agreement that meets our demands&quot ;, said Osama Hamdan, a senior Hamas official, on Saturday, quoted by the Al Jazeera television channel.

Hamas demands a guarantee of the end of the offensive in Gaza, a withdrawal of all so-called invasion forces, free movement of Palestinians and aid for reconstruction . Israeli officials rejected the request, saying it was a real return to the situation that prevailed before October 7, when Hamas, determined to destroy Israel, ruled Gaza . According to Israeli authorities, 1,200 people were killed and more than 250 others kidnapped by Hamas during the October 7 attack.

More than 36,000 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip since the start of Israel's all-out siege in response, according to local health authorities, and the United Nations has said famine threatens more ;#39;one million people in the Palestinian enclave. Israel says 290 of its soldiers have died in fighting in Gaza.

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