Julian Assange film 'Ithaka' hits independent theaters today

Le film sur Julian Assange "Ithaka" sort dans des salles indépendantes dès aujourd'hui

Le film sur Julian Assange "Ithaka" sort dans des salles indépendantes dès aujourd'hui

Ben Lawrence

CINEMA – While Australian journalist and freedom of expression activist, Julian Assange, is still held in prison in England since 2019 , the documentary film Ithaka: the fight to free Assange, directed by Ben Lawrence, is screening this Wednesday, January 17 in independent theaters. A screening is even planned at the National Assembly on Wednesday, February 7.

The film will be showing at 8 p.m. this Wednesday evening at the Espace Saint-Michel (Paris V), an independent cinema which had already hosted the three parts of the independent and critical film < em>The World After. The cinema located at 7, place Saint-Michel, has planned two other screenings this Friday, January 19 as well as next January 30, also at 8 p.m.

The association of the Assange support committee, which fights to defend the journalist's rights, will be received on February 7 at the National Assembly, in Paris, to screen the film in front of deputies and some media representatives.< /p>

The moving film Ihtaka revisits the fight of Julian Assange's family and the activists dedicated to his cause around the world. For Assange's biological father, John Shipton, and for the journalist's wife, Stella, it is a daily struggle to hope, one day, to see the founder of the Wikileaks site freed.

Julian Assange has been imprisoned for almost five years in a high security unit in Belmarsh, England, for having revealed millions of confidential documents to the general public in 2010, which shed light on numerous scandals of State.

Greatly forgotten by the mass media, the fight for the release of Julian Assange mobilizes millions of citizens around the world. Psychologically tortured, deprived of his freedom for almost 15 years, the Australian journalist today symbolizes the very idea of ​​freedom of the press and expression, and the silence of our French media on his subject is revealing to say the least. Like the fact that Ithaka is only broadcast in a few independent theaters, further proof of the lack of freedom of French cinemas.

Le film sur Julian Assange "Ithaka" sort dans des salles indépendantes dès aujourd'hui

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