Kiel-MHB: before the return match, the nine works of the MHB in the quarter-final of the Champions League

Kiel-MHB: before the return match, the nine works of the MHB in the quarter-final of the Champions League

Diego Simonet et le MHB malmenés par Kielce lors de leur dernier quart de finale en 2022. Midi Libre – Midi Libre

Face à Kiel, le MHB dispute le dixième quart de finale de son histoire dans la compétition reine. Retour sur neuf combats épiques avant le match retour, ce jeudi 2 mai (18h45) en Allemagne.

The history of Montpellier Handball is punctuated by these European peaks which have largely contributed to writing its legend. The double confrontation against Kiel is the tenth of its kind.

2000-2001: Celje

For its fourth participation in the Champions League, Montpellier finished second in its group. And finds himself facing the Slovenians from Celje, first in their group. The MHB won by a goal on the first leg in Bougnol before losing by six goals on the return to Slovenia.

2002-2003: Zagreb

Leader of his group, Montpellier inherits the Croats of Zagreb. The MHB held up the shock on the way to Zagreb before opening the road to its first European title by winning on the return leg, in Bougnol, with a nine-goal lead (34- 25).

2004-2005: Flensburg

After finishing at the top of its group, Montpellier must first eliminate Kolding (Denmark) in the round of 16. The MHB was surprised in the first leg (38-29) and signed a new comeback to win by eleven goals (36-25). The adventure continues in the quarter against the Germans from Flensburg. Large winners in the first leg in Bougnol (36-22), Patrice Canayer's men were beaten in the return match in Germany. It took an exploit on a free kick nine meters from Gregory Anquetil, while playing time was up, to allow the MHB to qualify with a small goal in advance over the whole of the two matches despite the defeat (19-32). Montpellier then lost in the semi-final against Ciudad Real.

2005-2006: Veszprém

After eliminating Velenje (Slovenia) in the round of 16, the Montpellier team came up against the Hungarian from Veszprém. Despite their victory (23-21) at home, Patrice Canayer's men lost in Hungary (27-22).

2009-2010: Chekhov

Another epic quarter-final. After beating Kolding in the round of 16, the Montpellier team faces the Russians from Medvedi Tchekhov. The MHB lost 32-27 before winning by the same score on the return to Bougnol.

It will take a penalty shootout to decide between the two teams. Unfortunately, the Czech David Juricek cracked and the MHB ended up losing in this session (4-5).

2010-2011: Rhein-Neckar

New confrontation against a German club. Montpellier manages to take the upper hand during the first leg in Mannheim. Unfortunately, the Héraultais cracked at the Arena in the face of ten goals from Gensheimer (36-35).

2016-2017: Veszprém

After getting out of the lower group, by eliminating Zaporozhye in the promotion match, Montpellier achieved the feat by taking out Kielce in the round of 16. MHB then faces Veszprém. Beaten in the first leg in Hungary (26-23), Michaël Guigou's partners also lost at home (25-30).

2017-2018: Flensburg

Once again placed in the lower group, Montpellier defeated Léon in the play-off. Before creating a first feat by leaving Barcelona. Victorious (28-25) in the first leg at Bougnol, the MHB resisted the return match in Catalonia and only lost by two goals (30-28). A qualification which sends him to face the Germans of Flensburg.

After snatching a draw in the north of Germany (28-28), the Montpellier residents took off in the return match (29-17). A success which allows them to play their first Final 4 in Cologne, and to bring back a second Champions League.

2021-2022: Kielce

Latest splash to date from the MHB. The Montpellier residents had to go through a play-off against Porto (29-29 in the first leg and 35-27 victory on the return leg in Hérault). Behind, they face the Poles of Kielce and suffer their law with two defeats (28-31 in the first leg and 22-30 in Poland). Now let's move on to the story of this tenth Champions League quarter-final.

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