Olympic Games 2024: like in Tokyo, “anti-sex” cardboard beds return to the Olympic village

Olympic Games 2024: like in Tokyo, “anti-sex” cardboard beds return to the Olympic village

Les athlètes dormiront sur des lits en carton. CAPTURE ECRAN – TWITTER

Comme aux JO de Tokyo, les lits des athlètes des JO de Paris seront composés d'un sommier en carton et d'un matelas modulable en fonction de sa morphologie et de ses besoins.

They had created controversy in Tokyo. The beds on which the athletes will sleep during the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris are made entirely… of cardboard. 

Many athletes had shared videos on social media in Tokyo, some even talking about “anti-sex” beds. The designer of these beds, however, assures that the beds are "solid" and resist movement. 


The mattress is in three blocks and can be modulated via these blocks, depending on needs. Each athlete, according to their measurements, will be offered the formula that suits them best, and can interchange the blocks as they see fit. For larger children, extensions of 2.20 meters in length are also planned.

Box springs made in France

The cardboard box spring "made from 80% recycled material" will be manufactured in France, said the president of the Olympic organizing committee (Cojo), Tony Estanguet. There has been "very good feedback from Tokyo”, he explained, adding that the choice of this company also corresponds to the social and environmental objectives that Cojo has set for itself.

After the Olympics, the cardboard box springs will be recycled while the mattresses and pillows will be donated to schools or associations.

16,000 beds in total

This bedding "can change the color of medals!”, boasted the company's CEO. As for Tony Estanguet, he recalled "the importance of sleep" for athletes as part of such a competition.

The organizing committee must take the keys to the Olympic village in March 2024 to install everything necessary. The 16,000 beds, which will also be delivered to the media village in Dugny where a few hundred journalists will be located (audiovisual center), will be delivered between March and June 2024.

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