Laroudie never stops winning

Laroudie never stops winning

Laroudie never stops winning

Romann Laroudie.

Wako World Cup. The 18-year-old member of Full-contact Cévennes has just won the Wako World Cup Open in Istanbul.

"Victory is good, but you're still going to have to get your baccalaureate!" Words from Franck Laroudie, a dad proud to see his son have a string of victories but worried about his studies. In any case, Romann Laroudie has good excuses for missing classes at the moment.

Undefeated this season!

Member of the French kickboxing team, the young Alésien, just 18 years old, a high school senior, has just won the greatest trophy of his young career. Invited to participate in the Wako World Cup, organized last weekend in Istanbul (Turkey), the Gardois who fights in full contact (-71 kg) brought home the only French gold medal of this Open (three fights , three victories).

"On site, some competed in the Mediterranean Games in K-1, a competition where the French team won six medals, including five gold. Others, including myself, participated in the World Cup Open with four medals up for grabs, three in silver and one in gold", explains the member of the Full-contact Cévennes (FCC), freshly returned from Turkey.

With obtaining this gold medal, Romann Laroudie finished his season undefeated! Nine fights fought, nine victories and three titles, including two French junior champions.

The key: a lot of physical preparation

Notified only one month before the fateful date, he continued training to be ready for the big day. "I based my preparation on a lot of cardio work, because I knew that that was what was going to make the difference in the ring, says Romann Laroudie. I also worked a lot in boxing because I had an injured foot and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use it during the competition."

A complete preparation, between the physical side, pushed by his father, the putting on gloves with his coaches, Élian Nouvel and his uncle Bernard Laroudie, and the training courses with the French team.

"We were able to work on the technical-tactical aspects, learn the right techniques and sequences, underlines the new champion. The instructions from the French coaches were essential to me, I was able to implement them and that allowed me to win."< /p>

Two wins before the limit

< p>A strategy that paid off since he won two of his three fights before the limit thanks to his fist boxing.

Thanks to this victory, Romann Laroudie is now ranked world number 1 in the Wako organization in its category. An accomplishment which will allow him to take a breather for a month and revise his baccalaureate before resuming training and preparing for his next two competitions scheduled for the end of the summer: the WKN European Championship and the Coupe du Wako world to confirm his title against the other champions of the world countries.

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