MHB – Cesson-Rennes: “We will continue to put pressure on Nantes, they are doing well at the moment”, post-match reactions

MHB - Cesson-Rennes: "We will continue to put pressure on Nantes, they are doing well at the moment", post-match reactions

Patrice Canayer était satisfait du succès des siens, samedi. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Le MHB est venu à bout de Cesson-Rennes (37-29), samedi 27 avril lors de la 26e journée de Starligue au FDI Stadium, provoquant la satisfaction de Patrice Canayer et ses joueurs.

Patrice Canayer, MHB coach: "When we see Cesson's results It’s not a bad performance, it’s their biggest defeat in a few matches so that means we did the job well I think. I suspected that it would be a little more difficult to light.

Not everything was perfect but overall the players did what was expected, it was a little irregular in individual performance that's clear. What is reassuring is that the senior players were once again very present. I was also able to give playing time to those who have a slightly less important role.

Starligue: the ranking and all the results of the 26th day

Some took advantage of it, others a little less…hellip; Young people will not be able to say that they did not have their chance. Overall I am satisfied, we played this match with increasing power, intensity and quality.

You could almost say that Jaime Fernandez and Sebastian Karlsson fell a little short but I think Lucas Pellas and Yanis are setting the bar so high at the moment… hellip; Sebastian and Jaime still had a good first period. Sebastian as a finishing winger, Jaime as a defender who goes everywhere and puts a lot of energy everywhere, they did some great things. But Lucas and Yanis play on a level… What is interesting for me is that I have N.1 and N.1 bis, which is important in matches like that or like Thursday where they could come in at any time. As these are positions that require a lot of energy, there is a real complementarity between the four.

We will be able to move on to Kiel after a good day of rest on Sunday. This day of rest is important for me, I am weak I need it (laughs). This rest is important for everyone, you have to know how to recover mentally and physically, it’s essential. I reminded them to do everything in their recovery protocols. I also have to be in good shape, there is a time of work, rest and anticipation so it’s very important.

We are still here, with four days to go, we will continue to put pressure on Nantes, they are doing well for the moment, they are holding up well . We will continue to put pressure on them.

Bryan ? As he was sleeping a little on the ground, they wanted to wake him up. We're going to put stitches in there as a precaution. It'll make him look a little naughtier for Thursday."

"Now we're only going to think about Kiel"

Yanis Lenne, MHB right winger:"Cesson is a team that played well in the last matches with good results. They bothered us a lot in the first half, they are strong and put a lot of physical impact in attack or defense. It took us a little time to get into the match, taking into account the ingredients to get over this team.

Afterwards it is never easy, between two quarter-finals, to mentally approach these kinds of matches. For now, the only thing that is important is victory. We knew that we were going to tighten up in defense, we remained calm, we did not panic and we does the job.

Jaime Fernandez and Sebastian Karlsson set a lot of pace in Montpellier, it's great to play on the wing in Montpellier while in the ;rsquo;other clubs it would be less annoying.

Now we're going to think more than just about Kiel, we're going to cut Sunday short because it will be the last day off before the trip, afterward we won't see our women and the family because some will go to selection afterwards, so we will have to make the most of it. It will be good for everyone, Monday we have two training sessions, Tuesday we go to Germany. We are going to play our season by playing for a place in the Final 4 of the Champions League. From Monday, our heads will be completely dedicated to handball."

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