Last action of Vannes-ASBH: was there a Breton fault on the last possession of Béziers ?

Last action of Vannes-ASBH: was there a Breton fault on the last possession of Béziers ?

La dernière passe biterroise n’a pas pu arriver à bon port. CANAL + – CAPTURE D'ECRAN

En toute fin de rencontre, l’ASBH a tenté une relance depuis ses vingt-deux mètres pour renverser Vannes en demi-finale de Pro D2 ce vendredi 31 mai. En vain.

The scenario of last week was beginning to take shape. As against Brive at Raoul-Barrière in a play-off (33-31 victory), ASBH had one last shot to overthrow its opponent of the day.

In the Pro D2 semi-final this Friday, May 31, the Biterrois, trailing 27-21, had the final possession. From their twenty-two meters, they grabbed each ball to reach the halfway line. "This last action shows all the heart we put in all season. We are not far from the Brive remake. I felt Vannes feverish", admitted scrum-half Samuel Marques.

No reason to whistle according to the referee

But on yet another pass to the wing, the Tongan Otunuku Pauta had the ball blocked by the hand of the opposing winger, Paul Surano. This gesture propelled the ball into touch, sealing the end of the match. The referee, Mr. Rousselet, took the opportunity to whistle the end of the match.

However, this latest defensive action by Vannes raises questions. Even if, at the time of the counterattack, the ball goes backwards, we can ask ourselves the question if it is deliberately propelled towards the sidelines. As a reminder, a player does not have the right to take a ball out of bounds with a pass or a tap of the hand. In which case, it is a penalty for the opponent. But the referee judged that the gesture was legal, without using the video, at least to verify.

A decision which adds a (very) slight dose of additional frustration for the Biterrois, capable of overturning a match with their polished play and top physical condition. That will be for next time.

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