Le Havre-MHSC: Falaye Sacko very present in a Montpellier group without several players

Le Havre-MHSC: Falaye Sacko very present in a Montpellier group without several players

Falaye Sacko devrait être du voyage au Havre, ce dimanche. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Un temps incertain, le latéral malien sera bien du déplacement montpelliérain au Havre, dimanche (15 h), selon le groupe dévoilé ce samedi 30 mars.

The doubt is removed. Announced uncertain, Falaye Sacko will finally make the trip with Montpellier HSC, this Sunday at  Havre, according to the group revealed on Saturday, on the eve of this match of the 27th day of Ligue 1.

Friday, Falaye Sacko was absent from morning training in Grammont. "He felt pain in one thigh on Thursday", explained Michel Der Zakarian at a press conference. "We don't know, we'll see" if the right side is fit for the match on the HAC field, added the Hérault coach.

The doubt was therefore removed on Saturday. Even if, with 21 players called up, the Montpellier coach perhaps keeps an alternative solution while the other internationals are on deck (Kouyaté, Sagnan, Omeragic, Mincarelli, Tamari).

Fayadapt, Le Havre almost complete

A slight uncertainty could nevertheless surround Khalil Fayad. The French U20 international, who performed very well during the break, had shortened the session on Friday and limped back to the locker room. The environment is very present in the group selected by Der Zak.

League 1 ranking

As expected, the technician must however deal with the absences of Joris Chotard and Issiaga Sylla, injured in a calf, but also Wahbi Khazri, suspended. Yanis Issoufou, himself, is recovering from & rsquo;an ankle injury.

In Le Havre, Luka Elsner could have a group without Osama Targhalline. Excluded during HAC's defeat in Clermont (2-1) before the break, the Moroccan midfielder is suspended. Striker Elysée Logbo is injured. Uncertain, Josué Casimir (meniscus) and captain Arouna Sanganté (shin) could, for their part, hold their place.

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