Legaltech Village in Montpellier: artificial intelligence at the heart of two days dedicated to legal innovation

Legaltech Village in Montpellier: artificial intelligence at the heart of two days dedicated to legal innovation

Ces deux journées se dérouleront à la Halle de l’innovation, récemment inaugurée près de la gare Sud de France. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

La première édition du Village des Legaltech Sud de France aura lieu ces jeudi 30 et vendredi 31 mai à la Halle de l’innovation, près de la gare Sud de France, à Montpellier.

After seven editions organized in Paris, the Legaltech Village, dedicated to legal innovation, is moving to Montpellier, this Thursday and Friday. Free and open to all, the event proposed by the Montpellier Bar incubator with Village de la Justice, will be held at the Innovation Hall, inaugurated last October near the South station of France.

Exhibitors, conferences

On the program, a show where exhibitors will present their projects and services (management, strategy consulting and communication…). The opportunity to highlight the know-how and innovations of legal start-ups located in the south of France. In addition, around twenty conferences are planned, with the central theme of artificial intelligence: its framework, its regulations, its teaching… Visitors will be able to participate in explanatory workshops.

Artificial intelligence at the service of eloquence

Among the topics covered: “use cases of artificial intelligence in the legal field”, “how AI can help the legal services of public authorities and businesses, or, in connection with the profession of lawyer: “l’AI in the service of speaking and eloquence.

Other conferences are more particularly intended for the public of entrepreneurs, legal departments, lawyers or regulated professionals.

Finally, during this Legaltech Village, students from the Centre-Sud School of Lawyers will collaborate with experts in the field to learn how to develop innovative solutions. At the end of these two days, they will present their projects to a jury of professionals.

Legaltech and Innovation Village South of France, Thursday 30 and Friday 31 May at the Innovation Hall, 10 place Françoise-Héritier, Zac Cambacérès, in Montpellier.
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