Let's go to the spring fair, in the city center of Alès!

Let's go to the spring fair, in the city center of Alès!

The spring fair, in Alès, takes place this Saturday, April 27. FREE MIDI – CHARLES LEDUC

Despite uncertain weather, the tradition is respected this Saturday, April 27. But, this time, the non-sedentary traders are concentrated in a single place… Which ?

It is a tradition of the capital of the Cévennes. It was announced… and it is indeed taking place, despite capricious weather conditions. This Saturday, April 27, is the day of the spring fair. From the beginning of the morning until the end of the day, customers will find, in the city center of Alès, clothing, decorative objects, cold meats and other delicacies, household linen, toys, & nbsp;etc.

Around fifty non-sedentary traders were counted at 9 a.m. But as there are fewer of them than normal, due to the forecast rainy weather this weekend, everyone was concentrated, this time, on Boulevard Louis-Blanc. An axis which, obviously, is therefore prohibited to vehicle traffic.

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