Ligue 1: by winning on the Nice pitch, the MHSC offers itself a big clearing up after a complicated period

Ligue 1: by winning on the Nice pitch, the MHSC offers itself a big clearing up after a complicated period

The Montpellier defense of Kouyaté and Omeragic held up well against the attacks of Moffi and the Niçois. MAXPPP – Serge Haouzi

Although it suffered, the MHSC scored a real success by winning on the field of OGC Nice (1-2), Friday March 8 during the 25th day of League 1.

The rain has stopped. Suddenly, all at once, the sky stopped acting up after hours of deluge. You had to believe the signs on Friday. We still had to believe in this Montpellier HSC after weeks of an inexorable fall whose nightmarish end we could see, but no clearing on its path.

She intervened, Friday, finally, on the lawn of an OGC Nice where many saw the Héraultais continuing to sink. But where they took their heads out of the water and brought out their most beautiful smiles at the final whistle.

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We had to believe in the signs and, in the race to maintain, this success on the Côte d’Azur is undoubtedly a resounding one, proof that this team did not give up, not even when the pressure was on. is rendered unbreathable in the final moments.

Events in favor of the MHSC

Until then, after three quarters of a campaign counting the black points and the contrary elements, the MHSC had never beaten a top 9 team. C’ is therefore done and too bad if Nice, long runner-up to PSG, no longer has the lead in 2024 (1 victory in six matches at kick-off).

Too bad because the MHSC is still breathing. And for once, because events turned in his favor. The day before the match, the injury to Youssouf Ndayishimiye, a key player for the Azuréens, had tickled the most optimistic minds.

Friday, Jean-Clair Todibo's challenging own goal from a corner from Téji Savanier (10th), where Nice had never given in this season, could have finally convinced the most realistic.

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Resumed in 20 seconds

Except that the illusion lasted barely 20 seconds, the time of a kick-off from the Aiglons, a long ball from Dante, ;a cross from Laborde and a header from Boga, forgotten by Hefti, injured instantly (12th).

In recent months, the slightest grain of sand had been enough to derail the MHSC, especially on the road (six defeats in the last seven). The match in the Coupe de France, against these same Niçois, at the beginning of February (1-4), was an example. But something changed on Friday, and not just in the sky or in the tunnel where the return to the break was lively between the two teams.

Michel Der Zakarian insisted on his four-defender system, with the return of Becir Omeragic from injury. And he opted for a point occupied by Wahbi Khazri rather than Akor Adams. In this system, his men suffered, stretched by the three opposing attackers and often pierced in the middle. But once is not customary, they bit into the crumbs. And took the gifts, like this hand from Gaëtan Laborde.

Finally united

The ex-Pailladin, who so enjoys playing the executioner against his former club, this time transformed himself into a good Samaritan in contact with Khazri. And Savanier transformed the offering, taking Marcin Bulka on the wrong foot, before planting himself at the foot of the Populaire Sud with his hand on his ear.

The Hérault supporters, well beyond the two courageous people who came to the park, for their part kept theirs in their hearts for a good while. Telling himself that this second half of suffering was only an inevitable repetition before a new disillusionment.

But with a heroic hinge, and finally a whole united block, after having endured very big shivers on strikes from Boga (48th) and Guessand (68th, 90th + 3), the Pailladins ended up raise your arms to the sky. A sign that all is not lost. And we still have to believe in it.

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