Ligue 1: in Clermont, the MHSC obtained the point of a draw six months after the firecracker episode at La Mosson

Ligue 1: in Clermont, the MHSC obtained the point of a draw six months after the firecracker episode at La Mosson

Dans le temps additionnel de la première période, Ferri a déséquilibré Borges et Clermont a pris l’avantage. Avant que le MHSC égalise. MAXPPP – Thierry LARRET

Six months after the incidents of the first leg, the return to Clermont was a shock for the MHSC, hanging in Auvergne on Sunday April 14 (1-1) during the 29th day of Ligue 1.

A “bang!” then two pschitt. Six months after the firecracker of the first leg on October 8, finally stopped, and as during the match replayed at the end of November (1-1), the long-awaited return duel between Clermont and Montpellier gave birth to a mouse and a mouse. rsquo;a new sharing of points, Sunday. This does not suit the Auvergnats, who are always last, but the MHSC was satisfied with this damp squib.

This may have been his problem, precisely, in Auvergne. When giving the last push to maintain itself, at least virtually, the Hérault club lacked bite and sometimes purred, replaying once again the intermittency already seen against Lorient or Le Havre (2-0 to every time). That had smiled on him during these two matches, not this time despite Clermont Foot never really in the attitude of a team on the verge of emptiness.

Ligue 1: the ranking and all the results of the 29th day

In the end, like his fans who came in droves to sunbathe and burst numerous smoke bombs without ever overflowing, La Paillade took the bus again as if nothing had happened, keeping his mattress in the red zone. She left the crisis to her opponents, manhandled by their own supporters at the final whistle, and even increased her lead by one unit over the play-off team, Lorient, who will only play their match in Paris on Wednesday April 24 .

Penalty conceded, stopped then scored

«This point is welcome, we are happy not to have lost. That would have been a bad mark. But Nantes remains behind, teams are six or seven points away, they will have to win with difficult schedules even if we saw the results yesterday (Saturday), summarized Michel Der Zakarian, neither happy nor disappointed.

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Between two chairs, the Montpellier coach could have grumbled about the penalty – a classic for the MHSC on this pitch – conceded by Jordan Ferri. Already at fault against the Merlus the previous Sunday, but then saved by the VAR, the midfielder unbalanced Borges. An unwilling boost to Clermontois who had until then been very sterile and most of the time kept in check by the defense and a still bleeding Modibo Sagnan.

His coach could also have complained about Cham's penalty, first stopped by Benjamin Lecomte but finally shot a second time for a foot from the goalkeeper a few centimeters in front of his line (45th+5).

Afternoon of approximately

Der Zak did not want to add more and finally pointed out the &lack of aggressiveness to score». His men have in fact obtained the situations. But with the exception of Tanguy Coulibaly's equalizer, found on a cross from Enzo Tchato deflected by Akor Adams (56th), they stammered in the zone of truth.

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Like this crossbar hit by Wahbi Khazri in added time (90th+2).Finally left on the bench to the detriment of a relaunched Adams and engaged in the absence of & rsquo;being rewarded, the Tunisian could have put on the costume of liberator during his entry on Sunday.

But he chose to control an offering from Tchato rather than take it back in an ideal situation (73rd). Like a symbol of an afternoon that almost ends the painful Clermont episode without clashes or flights of fancy. But not yet that of maintenance.

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