Ligue 1. Notes from MHSC – PSG: Nordin alone to follow the Parisian train, the Montpellier defense abandoned

Ligue 1. Notes from MHSC - PSG: Nordin alone to follow the Parisian train, the Montpellier defense abandoned

Nordin a été le dynamiteur de l'attaque montpelliéraine. MIDI LIBRE – Giacomo Italiano

L'attaquant du MHSC a réussi son match dans une équipe à la défense balayée par le PSG (2-6), dimanche au stade de la Mosson, lors du dernier match de la 26e journée de Ligue 1.

The last minute problems only amplified the gap between a candidate to remain and the untouchable leader. Diminished by the absences of recuperator Joris Chotard (calf) and right side Silvan Hefti (thigh), Montpellier also lost its goalkeeper Benjamin Lecomte, hit in the heel during the final training, and left side Issiaga Sylla, injured calf during warm-up.

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It was too many defensive handicaps to resist a PSG team, led by Kylian Mbappé, author of a hat-trick, and solid on all levels. Failing to defend well, and to offer a reliable first curtain to the defense, Michel Der Zakarian's team played. She paid for it with six goals. This hurts the goal average.

3.5 average

Bertaud (3). The goalkeeper returned to Ligue 1 as he had left it following a new demonstration by PSG. The young goalkeeper, who replaced Benjamin Lecomte who suffered a heel injury, conceded four goals (0-4) on May 14, 2022. On Sunday, the Parisians did it again. Aside from the first of Mbappé's three goals, he can't do much about the other five goals.

Chato (3).The Cameroonian international had the wrong role. Facing Mbappé, he suffered, obviously. He even seemed too respectful of his prestigious opponent, leaving him too much freedom of action. However, he made two valuable returns in the first period in front of Kolo Muani (28th, 40th).

Omeragic (3). The Swiss international, back in the selection this week, sank like his partners after the break. He was overtaken by Mbappé, on the third Parisian goal, and was also overtaken on the 6th goal. He lost too many duels (3/7). This makes us forget his good first period.

Kouyaté (3).A time delay on Vitinha's first Parisian goal, hampered after the break by the repositioning in the axis of Mbappé, author of a hat-trick, generally overwhelmed by the Parisian waves and few duels won ( 1/4).

Mincarelli (3). Guinean international Sylla is cursed in front of Paris. Injured in the calf during the warm-up, he was replaced by the young Mincarelli, put in difficulty by Barcola. The neo-professional, however, was behind Nordin's goal (30th).

Ferri (3). Associated with Leroy in front of the defense, Jordan Ferri failed to form a first curtain in front of the central defense. Although he was a good relay for Savanier, and the game forward, he lost too many duels and ran too much into space.

Leroy (3). In difficulty in a midfield overwhelmed by the Parisians,  authors of three of his six goals on strikes from 20 meters. Started for the second time this season, in the absence of the injured Chotard, he lacked impact. He lost almost all his duels (1/14).

Savanier (5). Master in the middle of a team which did not have afraid to play but was overwhelmed after the break. He scored his 40th goal for Montpellier, his 14th penalty in a row. He took risks on the ball release to create the best chances and in particular initiated the counterattacks quite well. Like his team, he lacked rigor in the replacement. He is one time late in pressing on Vitinha's first Parisian goal (14th).

Coulibaly (3). For his third start against his training club, he caused Donnarumma's mistake and Savanier's equalizer (2-2, 45th). Aside from this occasion, he had little impact on the Parisian defense. He was replaced on the hour mark by Fayad, who came on when Montpellier took on water.

Khazri (3). The equalizer is missing on a cross from the inevitable Nordin (41st). His recovery with the flat of his foot is repelled by Danilo. He often took his chances, sometimes at the expense of the collective, but was a rather interesting relay because of his stalls.

Nordin (6). Still excellent and decisive for his sixth start in a row. Confident of his strength, he provoked the Montpellier revolt. The striker attracted all the balls on the right side, putting international full-back Lucas Hernandez to torment. He scored his fifth goal of the season, again with a header. He brings the opportunity for the second goal, after offering an equalizing ball to Khazri. He was replaced at the hour mark by Mousa Tamari.

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