Ligue 1: Tamari opportunist, Sacko in the tough… the MHSC scores against Marseille

Ligue 1: Tamari opportunist, Sacko in the tough... the MHSC scores against Marseille

Mousa Tamari a su profiter d'une erreur de la défense marseillaise. MAXPPP – VALLAURI Nicolas

Après avoir ouvert le score dimanche 25 février à Marseille, Montpellier a craqué pour encaisser finalement quatre buts (4-1), pour le compte de la 23e journée de Ligue 1.

Montpellier suffered too much to hope for better in this meeting in Marseille on Sunday during the 23rd day of Ligue 1. after opening the scoring with Tamari (4th), its defense did not withstand the shock, nor give any ;#39;air to his team. A bad evening.

Lecomte (4/10): the Montpellier goalkeeper commits a hand fault on the 4th Marseille goal and Sarr's cross (82nd) . With the exception of this blunder, he can do nothing about OM's other first goals. He only managed one real save on a shot from Ndiaye (20th)

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Hefti (3/10):in trouble. The Swiss full-back neither controlled the right lane nor offered a recovery point to a defense under constant pressure. Far from the level of his last matches against Lyon or Metz.

Sacko (3/10): Bad evening. established in central defense in the absence of the injured Omeragic, he left Aubameyang alone behind his back on OM's second goal (43rd). And, he scored his side's fourth Marseille goal. Overall, he had difficulty finding his place in this central position.

Kouyaté (3/10): He did not reassure his defense. He was involved in two Marseille goals. He makes a bad return at the origin of Ndiaye's victorious strike (30th). Then at the hour mark, he caused the penalty and a slightly superfluous foul on Ndiaye. And reduced the hopes of Montpellier to nothing.

Sagnan (3/10): He lost a decisive duel against Sarr (43rd), after an intercepted restart, at the origin of Marseille's second goal. He has difficulty finding the right first restart and has often struggled against deep calls from opposing attackers.

Sylla (5/10): The best defender. effective offensively in front of Lyon and Metz, he had a good defensive match. By controlling Sarr in his lane even if he is caught behind his back at the end of the match on the action which leads to Marseille's 4th goal. He placed a rebound on the post following a corner from Savanier (45+2nd), then a nice header from a free kick from Savanier (56th).

Chotard (4/10): He is behind Tamari's goal (4th) with a pass deflected by Leg. Despite a few interceptions, like a good return (65th), he often ran into space against the Marseille midfielder and Ndiaye, who often stalled.

Ferri (4/10): he managed a superb half-volley on the post (10th), and s' is projected forward to offer solutions on the counterattacks. However, he had difficulty recovering balls and resisting the ascendancy of the Marseille midfielder.

Savanier (4/10):in a match where Montpellier suffered too much, it had difficulty existing against the Marseille midfielder. He was precise on set pieces, offering three good chances to Ferri (10th) and Sylla (45+2, 57th). He was replaced twenty minutes from the end by Leroy.

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Nordin (3/10): barely visible despite some lightning. In a central attacking role, in the absence of Adams left on the bench, the ex-Stéphanois, who had a third start in a row, did not ;created neither gaps nor scoring opportunities.

Tamari (5/10): One of the few up to the task. Present from start to finish. He struck from the start with an opportunistic headed goal, the fourth of the season. He had not scored since August 27 against Reims. He posed a constant threat to the Marseille defense with his speed with a poorly concluded counterattack (10th) and a crushed shot (38th).

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