Local health contract (CLS): prophylactic, the Grands Causses territory wants to heal the wounds

Local health contract (CLS): prophylactic, the Grands Causses territory wants to heal the wounds

Sous l'égide du PNR, le CLS court jusqu'en 2029. AD

Face aux enjeux de santé et d’accès aux soins, élus, collectivités, professionnels, partenaires sanitaires, sociaux et citoyens ont échafaudé les contours du prochain contrat local de santé (CLS)

The observation is not new. In a department hit like so many others by medical desertion, reducing social, geographic and environmental inequalities in health is a challenge that both the profession and users face on a daily basis.

What is less so, however, is the will and the procedures set in motion to try to work against this inevitability. Gathered yesterday in a forum under the aegis of the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park, the sub-prefecture and the Regional Health Agency (ARS), professionals, communities, elected officials, health, social and citizen partners phosphorus this Tuesday morning to build avenues for improvement.

Implement health policies

Tracks constituting the Local Health Contract (CLS) which require, as a prerequisite, a necessary networking between each of the links of the strong territorial project. "We work so that in our territory, we are well and happy. We therefore take care of the environment, and health is a part in its own right, particularly when it comes to attractiveness or habitability, summarizes the newly re-elected PNR president Richard Fiol.

For the Region, Emmanuelle Gazel abounds: "All the diagnostic work allowed us to detect this need to create or strengthen the links between you. Many things are already being done but deserve to be known and reinforced."

"Common sense"measures" finally for this "follower of decentralization" who sees in the involvement of the ARS via its funding, &amp ;quot;the way to stick more specifically to the needs of the territory without abandoning national practices" without consideration of context.

The determinants of health ? A set of personal, social, economic and environmental factors that determine the state of health of individuals or populations.

An à la carte offer for an action plan in which citizens of the territory also participated, highlighting in particular the need to designate per municipality, a "health referent; quot; capable of guiding everyone in their care journey.

"The purpose of the CLS is to implement major health policies in a given territory by placing the person at the center of the & rsquo;all the concerns of health stakeholders in the broad sense”, confirms the sub-prefect in this regard.

Action, reaction, prevention

Concretely ? Thirty actions have so far been listed according to four themes. Among them, mobility with solidarity carpooling or the generalization of teleconsultation as solutions which are still largely under-exploited in the region, judging by the relative success of the terminals installed in several pharmacies in South Aveyron. The need also for "going-towards" and "bring-to", portmanteau words whose subtlety can be grasped.

Who says health also says prevention and environmental health. "Very related subjects on which we are not yet working sufficiently, concedes the departmental director of the ARS, Benjamin Arnal. Our health system is concerned with care and curative care. Not enough prevention."

In this case, it will involve, for example, supporting the public towards regular sporting practice or ensuring the promotion of reasonable use of pesticides , whose deleterious effects on health are still very largely soluble in French and European agricultural policies.

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