Local meetings: environmental issues in the spotlight of festivals

Local meetings: environmental issues in the spotlight of festivals

The three speakers addressed questions related to the Cévennes territory. FREE NOON – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Local meetings: environmental issues in the spotlight of festivals

Charlotte Gach, du festival Lol & Lalala. MIDI LIBRE – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Local meetings: environmental issues in the spotlight of festivals

Philippe Couret, du festival Jazzoparc. MIDI LIBRE – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Local meetings: environmental issues in the spotlight of festivals

Nicolas de Davydoff, directeur de Cévennes Tourisme. MIDI LIBRE – ALEXIS BETHUNE

Lors de ces rencontres organisées par Midi Libre, à La Grand-Combe, ce jeudi 7 mars, trois acteurs de la scène touristique et culturelle sont entrés en scène, avec des propositions et une invitation à la réflexion.

Charlotte Gach, from the organization of the Lol & Lalala, Philippe Couret, from Jazzoparc, and Nicolas de Davydoff, director of Cévennes Tourisme, are interested in the cultural and tourist potential of their Cévennes land. The first immediately makes the link with the demonstration that Pierre-Emmanuel Barré and GiedRé created in Anduze, mixing humor and song: "They had the feeling that an event of this type was missing in the area and brought this programming to the population." An initiative well received by the municipality, testifying of the "will of the territory to grow this type of meeting".

When two festivals "collaborate a lot"

And obviously, links were established with Jazzoparc, the other Anduzian poster. "We collaborate a lot", indicates Philippe Couret. "We pool what can be shared. These poolings play into environmental issues. There is a lot of transportation for scenography and technique. From 60 to 80% of the carbon footprint is on mobility." But to do even better in this area, communities can enter the scene. "We would need, as in the South-West, to be accompanied on the spectator transport", says Charlotte Gach. "Event bus lines can be set up in the summer." Nevertheless, Philippe Couret notes that local authorities already take into account "this notion of attractiveness of the territory, and tourism too".

Tourism and culture: "The offer is rich all year round"

Moreover, Nicolas de Davydoff underlines that "the offer is rich, varied and valid all year round", even if the bulk of tourist activity is noted in the summer. By coming to the Cévennes, the public discovers "an inhabited, worked territory. A welcoming territory. And that’s where it comes down to it!" He then insists on the thousand cultural dates listed on the Cévennes Tourisme website.

"sustainable tourism" in light

But the director also emphasizes the "sustainable tourism", a theme on which meetings were organized, in the direction professionals, last week, in Alès. "To enable virtuous actions that are part of the sustainability of their businesses", he said. "They expect to be supported by the State, but the tourist office is tackling this role."

A principle to rethink

Rebounding from this "cultural and sustainable tourism", Philippe Couret estimates that’"we are here to propose offers, but we must define a scope of sustainability". He then invites us to rethink the principle according to which we must bring the biggest celebrities on stage to attract as many people as possible. He campaigns for "something more local, closer to the territory". And not to have stars that the public can see throughout France. "We take advantage of being young festivals to be more sustainable. We will try to reason in this way." It could be, for example, programming artists including "the routing goes to the corner". Let them stop in the Cévennes Gardoises between a performance in Lyon and one in Toulouse. Or even that they stay a few days to enjoy the region and, then, promote it. That is "intelligent journeys", by "making jumps chip in France".

A "virtuous circle" sets up

Nicolas de Davydoff speaks of "virtuous circle", rejoicing that &amp ;quot;the tourist phenomenon is well appropriated by the inhabitants" and that "such initiatives contribute to it. And the more we go into this proposal, the more it will be accepted."

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