CNews qualifies abortion as the leading cause of death in the world: the news channel triggers a new controversy

CNews qualifies abortion as the leading cause of death in the world: the news channel triggers a new controversy

Aymeric Pourbaix expose l'avortement comme une cause de mortalité. Capture X Vidéo CNews – Clémence Guetté

L'émission "En quête d'esprit" diffusée ce dimanche 25 février sur CNews présente l'avortement comme la première cause de mortalité dans le monde. Une présentation qui n'a pas manqué de faire réagir.

A few days before the Senate's examination of the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution, the show "In search of& ;#39;spirit" broadcast on CNews which deciphers spiritual and religious news, presented by Aymeric Pourbaix every Sunday with the theme this Sunday, February 25 "Abortion and right to abortion& ;quot;.

The journalist has clarified several times that during this program, "we are going to leave aside the political and partisan debate". Before qualifying – supporting visuals and figures –  abortion as the leading cause of death in the world. An anti-abortion propaganda speech which quickly sparked a reaction on social networks.

Abortion in the face of cancer and tobacco

Using an infographic, CNews presents abortion as the leading cause of death in the world with 73 million per year, ahead of cancer with 10 million deaths and tobacco, 7.6 million. "Or 52%",  specifies the journalist. 

A way of directing the debate with assumed anti-abortion propaganda by qualifying abortion as a cause of mortality.

Report to Arcom

Vincent Bolloré's channel, which is already under surveillance by Arcom, is once again making headlines. A new report (or several) was made on this point and in particular for this sequence broadcast at 1:15 p.m. Rose Lamy who has her Instagram account "Prepare yourself for the fight" explains having made a report.

Video deleted and passage removed ?

Strangely, the replay of this show is nowhere to be found – it was probably deleted or never posted online. And the audio sequence broadcast on Europe 1 was cut during editing.


Among the first to react to the broadcast, we can cite the communist senator Ian Brossat who declared on anti-abortion propaganda, considers the 73 million abortions as 73 million deaths. This is how abortion is threatened in France and around the world. This is why it is urgent to guarantee this right in the Constitution."

The mayor of Rouen Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol took up the Tweet and announced:"Putting abortion on the same level as cancer ? You are not ashamed CNews ? The right to abortion is the fundamental right for every woman to have control over her body.
Yes, this right is threatened in France. Yes, it is urgent to include it in the Constitution."

The Council of State asked Arcom to strengthen its control over Cnews. This Wednesday, February 28, the media regulator must make its decision on the allocation of the fifteen frequencies for digital terrestrial television. With all the controversies, the future of the C8 and CNews channels in 2025 could be compromised ?

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