Lodève: Security and Defense showcase their professions around a day of discovery

Lodève: Security and Defense showcase their professions around a day of discovery

La répétition sur le parc, à côté de la salle Ramadier et de l’aire du Grézac, théâtre de la manifestation. ML – ALAIN MENDEZ

Plus qu’un simple forum, la journée de samedi 25 mai sera un vrai spectacle avec un enchaînement d’interventions et de démonstrations en extérieur.

Overflight and landing of a helicopter, drones, mine clearance exercises, dog team in intervention, arrest of a vehicle in pursuit, intervention during a hostage-taking in a bus , extrication, shooting simulations… The 2nd forum for security and defense professions which will be held this year in the city center of Lodève aims to be as dynamic as it is informative. This Saturday, May 25, activities and demonstrations, each more spectacular than the last, in the municipal park and the Grézac playground will punctuate a day without downtime around around sixty stands installed in the Ramadier room.

Discover careers

"A forum of this magnitude, in rural areas, is rare" underline Jérôme Valat and Luc Alcovéré, the mayor of Bosc and his deputy, pegs who spared no effort to put together this second edition positioned this time in Lodève. "The public, and young people in particular, will have access to a lot of information. They will also attend activities and meet the men and women who ensure our daily safety". Around a demonstration that is gaining momentum. "More important than the day organized in Salelles two years ago, adds Jérôme Valat. This formula will hopefully make it possible to encourage vocations and find one's way with institutions that offer a wide range of professions and various training courses."

60 exhibitors, from universities to private companies

The day will bring together more than 60 exhibitors in total. At the stands of the National Police, national gendarmerie, municipal police, armies (land, air, navy, Legion) firefighters, forestry firefighters, National Forestry Office, security & ;eacute; road safety, civil protection, customs, prison guards will be added those of training organizations, the Local Youth Mission and the University of Paris. of Montpellier which will present the possible diplomas after the baccalaureate. The public will also find private companies which will present diving, rescue intervention or rescue equipment. ;o protection.

Police, gendarmerie, municipal police, firefighters, army, air force, navy, Foreign Legion will always be there, with their different units. "We will also have the presence of road safety with its tonneau vehicle, a crime scene with fingerprinting and DNA research to discover the work of the Scientific Police, a trail of rsquo;athletics with a radar, introduction to electric scooters, … In short, we will be in action to show all the know-how" continues the elected official and civilian police officer who used his network to make this a reality two years ago a project that was close to his heart."We want to perpetuate it in the Cœur Hérault with actors who are happy to be able to come and show the population what they do, sometimes each in their own corner."

Saturday, children will also be able to discover the characters of the Héraultaise association les Héros au grand coeur, made up of members and former members of the National Police dressed in real Marvel costumes, who come to the bedside of sick children all over France. "They will be there to take photos with the visitors, the children, talk about what they do and help to bring a touch friendly."

"Behind the uniforms, there are normal and pleasant people"

Not to be too institutional, but to show that behind the outfits, the uniforms, the functions, there are normal, pleasant and friendly people, such is the wish of the organizers. "C& rsquo;is also the goal of this type of event which brings together citizens and those who ensure their safety, around a great show. This is what pleases me, I think, and which can help bring us together" confirms Jérôme Valat under the eye of police officers and gendarmes who came to rehearse in the park this Tuesday morning in front of the platform installed by the City. Before insisting, once again: "Thanks to private local partnerships, the support of the community of communes Lodévois and Larzac and Lodève for logistics, this forum is entirely self-funded, without public money."

Super Heroes with a big heart: An enchanted parenthesis

Christophe Hernandez, can you present your association to us ?

Of course. Its aim is to brighten up the daily lives of hospitalized, sick and disabled children throughout France. I created Big-Hearted Super Heroes, initially because of a personal story. Behind with police friends from Montpellier, Béziers, Nîmes… We have managed to obtain the real costumes of Marvel heroes in the United States and we are organizing spectacular arrivals from the roofs of hospitals, disguised as Super Heroes to offer an enchanted interlude.

Who is asking you?

Associations, foundations, partners. We then carry out reconnaissance on site and organize the operation, often in the afternoon, with the complicity of the National Police vehicles or groups of Bikers to bring a little joy to the children and parents. and caregivers.

And you will be there in Lodève ?

That’s it. We were on the Telethon in Clermont-l’Hérault in December and this Saturday, May 25, we will be in Lodève. Personally I will coordinate the National Police demonstrations, but part of the team will be there, dressed up to present the association and take photos with the children and young people.

This Saturday, May 25 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., in and around the Ramadier room where there will be around sixty stands and giant screens to follow the demonstrations live. An institutional time is planned at 11:30 a.m. On-site catering and refreshment bar run by the Lodévois and Larzac youth service. For all. Free and open access. I subscribe to read more

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