Lucien Bruno or the art of pizza napoletana

Lucien Bruno or the art of pizza napoletana

La passion, l’ingrédient principal des pizzas de Lucien Bruno… Midi Libre – STEPHANE BARBIER

Trained in Naples, based in Alès since April, the pizza maker took to the game. of a culinary tradition whose know-how, listed since 2017 as a UNESCO heritage site, forms much more than a profession: a passion. To enjoy on site or to take away…

At the moment of entering its new premises on Place de la Libération, you are first met with the delicious smell of cooked dough with a wood fire that hits the spot. A perfume would say this Neapolitan master from the Bagnoli district with whom Lucien Bruno trained in 2020. And as we enter religion, the saint-cristolen, epicurean in origin Italians, s’is " caught in the game ".

There is a whole folklore around this profession but pizza maker, it’s all art

" The years go by and I wanted to live this job! But I didn't want to come across as a joke so training was essential. There's a whole folklore around this profession, but pizza maker, that's all art. Precisely codified since the inscription UNESCO heritage in 2017. With a mention of guaranteed traditional specialty (STG), the tomato is necessarily of variety  ;San Marzano (PDO), mozzarella di Bufala Campana (PDO), the dimensions of the dough are precise and above all its maturation (approximately 24 hours) must be done at  ;nbsp;room temperature.

" There are several schools but I learned the job the old-fashioned way. That is to say a quantity of water, salt, yeast then flour (based on grinding wheel stone, Editor's note) but without weighing. Everything then depends on the humidity of the air in the room where the dough rests. It must be monitored to avoid over-ripening which makes it acidic and difficult to work with."
Then " there is a real technicality with cooking of approximately 60 to 90 seconds at approximately 500 °C" in this wood-fired oven in the center of the room. Offering around thirty recipes including the classic Marinara (tomato sauce, pink garlic, wild oregano, olive oil and basil), the genovese or pistacchio pestos are homemade like beer,  artisanal.
Rewarded for his investment with a title of French champion in 2023 then the place of 2nd French at the world championship in Parma, Lucien Bruno then reveals the challenge of moving to the city center of Alès . With new confidence in view of the experience acquired: " in this profession, everyone has their own clientele, but feeling comes into play. We don't just make pizza, it goes beyond that. We have retained customers who have become friends. "
And a recent satisfaction: " the other day, the whole room was speaking Italian! "

Marinara, pizzeria napoletana, 3 place de la Libération in Alès. On site or to take away. Wednesday to Sunday evening from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Contact: 06 35 66 94 75. I subscribe to read more

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