Lunel: Agora professional baccalaureate high school students in Feuillade create their mini-business and invent the “memo jar”

Lunel: Agora professional baccalaureate high school students in Feuillade create their mini-business and invent the “memo jar”

Avec le soutien de l’association Entreprendre pour apprendre et du Crédit Agricole de Lunel, 18 jeunes se forment de manière concrète à l’entrepreneuriat.

Students in the second year of professional baccalaureate Assistance in the management of organizations and their activities (Agora), at the Louis-Feuillade high school, are launching into entrepreneurship. Supported by their supervising professor Sylvie Roig, a teacher in economics, management and communication, there are 18 of them who created their mini-company called C +  clean last year. A mini-business which was able to see the light of day thanks to the Entreprendre pour savoir Occitanie association whose objective is to facilitate the conditions for young people to experiment with entrepreneurship.

A first failure quickly forgotten

« Initially, we had imagined creating a trash can on rails for meeting rooms but we had to abandon this idea due to budgetary problems which prevented the object from being produced. As it was out of the question to give up, we quickly bounced back by imagining a multifunctional pencil holder », say the mini-entrepreneurs of Louis-Feuillade.< /p>

A multifunctional pencil holder

Thus was recently born the “memo pot”, made by young people from recycled material. « The particularity of this pencil holder is that it has two magnetic sides which allow, for example, to hang pencils photos, one side Velleda® which makes it easier to take notes and one side with post-its® », further explain the “inventors” of this object. The latter now manufacture the product themselves and have even developed a catchy slogan: “With memo pot more space on desks”. They also recorded an advert that they will soon present at the mini-company competition which takes place on May 23 in Toulouse (*).

Crédit agricole de Lunel mobilized

It must be said that the mini-company C + clean has already found significant support since Crédit agricole de Lunel, through the director of its two agencies Morgane Tort, has decided to  ;rsquo;support this project as part of the partnership between the bank and the Entreprendre Pour Learning Occitanie association. « It’is the godmother of our mini-business. She comes to the high school once a month and advises students on strategy, sourcing », explains Sylvie Roig.
The teacher also underlines the interest of such a project which literally boosts the program of these professional baccalaureate. « They are really involved and autonomous and feel responsible and learn in a fun way which already allows us to attack the third year program & raquo;, confides Sylvie Roig.
Please note that before the mini-business competition in Toulouse, the 18 mini-business leaders from C + clean will meet this Tuesday, May 7, at the rectorate where the Market will be held spring event organized by Undertaking to Learn. Market during which they will be able to present and sell their “pot-memo”.

The mini-company C +  clean from the Feillade high school competes in the “high school, college, BTS d’Occitanie” category. I subscribe to read more

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