Renaud visiting Sète, taxi strike in Nîmes, fire in Viviez… the essential news in the region

Renaud visiting Sète, taxi strike in Nîmes, fire in Viviez... the essential news in the region

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Before his concert, Renaud's surprise visit to Sète

#HERAULT – The singer Renaud has several friends in the Thau basin. Enjoying a break between two concerts – he will be at the Corum in Montpellier this Saturday –, he came to visit them. He then chose to go for a walk in the Pointe Courte district in Sète. "He called me and asked me to join him. It’was a nice surprise", slips Gaston, the designer based in Frontignan-plage who created a graphic novel around the life of the artist. This visit was made in the company of Jean Fauque, the lyricist of Bashung who lives in Frontignan, and his partner, Bruno Granier, Brassens' second cousin. After this tour in this typical neighborhood of the singular island, the day ended with a meal at a friend's house. Renaud then returned to Isle-sur-Sorgue.

Fire in Viviez: two elected officials worried about health risks

#AVEYRON –The health consequences of the fire which destroyed, on Saturday February 17, a Snam building in Viviez, where 900 tonnes of lithium batteries were stored in an urban area of ​​15,000 inhabitants, pushed MP Laurent Alexandre and Christine Teulier, mayor of Aubin, to write a letter to the authorities. "It would be a mistake to trivialize the event. On the contrary, it is a major industrial accident, they say in a letter dated this Thursday and addressed to eleven recipients, including three ministers and the prefects of the Occitanie region and Aveyron. "Citizens' demand for transparency is legitimate", continue the two elected officials who are wondering: &amp ;quot;What are the nature and toxicity of the black smoke that occurred in the first hours of the fire ?" They specify that &quot ;the population noted that the alert system in the basin is deficient" and alert on "the multiple waste resulting from projections from the fire which fell up to 4.5 km from the disaster"< /em>.

Film and series filming: Occitanie at the top

#ECONOMY – Occitanie becomes the leading region in France for hosting fiction filming audiovisual (TV films, series), according to a study published by the CNC (National Center for Cinema and Animated Images). "This ranking demonstrates that our work is bearing fruit and reinforces our attractiveness, declared Carole Delga, president of the Occitanie Region. This first place bodes well for the objective that the Region has set for itself, namely to become a center of European and international scope. This is excellent news for tourism and job creation." L’Occitanie stands out thanks to its series and TV films filmed on its territories: Tomorrow belongs to us (TF1), Un si grand soleil (France 2), Here it all begins (TF1)…

Taxi strike announced for this Monday

#NÎMES – The city's taxis will be on strike this Monday, February 26. Exasperated by what they consider to be "aberrations" and police interventions &amp ;quot;unjustified", they demand respect for their rights and access to certain strategic areas of the city. The starting point of this discontent lies in the ban on taxis parking in Allée Boissy-d’Anglas, a route which is nevertheless accessible to deliveries according to a municipal decree in force. A rally is planned for Monday in front of the station before a snail operation between 7 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. on the boulevards and a blocking of certain bus lanes.

Today’s figure: 22,500

#TARN – This is the amount claimed by the Family Allowance Fund from Audrey, a mother from Tarn . Considered fraudulent, she must repay 22,500 euros following the conclusions of an audit carried out by the CAF, which she contests. The organization believes that she did not have to receive a daily parental presence allowance to care for her daughter who was sick with cancer. "Seized by the throat", according to her, and threatened with eviction from her accommodation, she denounces relentlessness.

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