Lunel: gathering at Place de la République for Labor Day

Lunel: gathering at Place de la République for Labor Day

Marc Pastel, Zainaba Urvoy et Alain Lacoste appellent à se mobiliser le 1er mai JPS – JPS

L’Union locale CGT, avec, entre autres, la FSU et Solidaires s’unissent ce 1er mai.

It’s a protest and festive morning that the local CGT Union is preparing for this Wednesday, May 1, with three major meetings: first a rally, from 10 am; nbsp;h 30, Place de la République then a demonstration around the Statue of Liberty and towards the Espace Vauban and finally an aperitif offered, on site, by the union.

Against a government that "attacks the weakest"

As for demands, there is no shortage of topics for mobilization according to CGT retiree Alain Lacoste: « After the pension reform and despite the social inequalities and poverty increasingly visible, we see that the government continues on the same path by considering hitting the weakest, the unemployed and health insurance , he says.
Marc Pastel, a long-time CGT activist who has just joined the retired section of the local union, underlines, for his part, the importance of the problems linked to the deterioration of working conditions. : « Every Tuesday afternoon we have legal hotlines at the local Union and we notice that many employees complain about their working conditions, in particularly, here, in agriculture. »

A commitment to peace

The CGT is also counting on May 1 to reiterate its commitment to equality between men and women and to firmly express its opposition to the proposed reform of the ;unemployment insurance. Finally, trade unionists will take advantage of this Labor Day to highlight their commitment to a just and lasting peace within the framework of international law. whether in Ukraine or Gaza.

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