Lunel: Jérémy and Sélyne Gonzalez or the art of equestrian dressage at the top

Lunel: Jérémy and Sélyne Gonzalez or the art of equestrian dressage at the top

Lunel: Jérémy and Sélyne Gonzalez or the art of equestrian dressage at the top

Sélyne et Jérémy Rodriguez et leurs chevaux à San Juan, ce samedi. – JPS

The young Istrian couple comes for the 3rd time to the San Juan arenas for the 6th edition of Enchanted Cavalry. This Saturday June 8, he presents a new number for the first time in Europe.

If there is a show not to be missed under any circumstances this Saturday, June 8, in the San Juan arenas, on the occasion of the 6th edition of the Enchanted Cavalry (read below), it’ is undoubtedly that of this young couple of trainers: Jérémy and Sélyne Gonzalez. Originally from Istres, the two equestrian artists (35 and 34 years old) have shared their life with Dubai for a handful of years. From this evolution of their career was born a unique show, which they successfully tested this winter in the Persian Gulf countries and which they will present on Saturday, for the first time in Europe.

Spaniards and Lusitanians

« 4 years ago we merged in dressage with a manager from Dubai. From now on, we spend 7 months there and 5 months in Istres. Above all, we now have a team of 25 purebred Spanish and Lusitanian horses with whom we perform in shows all over the world », says Jérémy Gonzalez.
The new creation that the couple is presenting at Lunel constitutes a unique cocktail in terms of the art of dressage.« It’s a working horse riding course with free-roaming horses, summarizes the artist. Sélyne is on horseback and she is followed by 6 free horses and, with them, she completes an entire horse riding journey. it had never been done. I intervene for 2 minutes during the show for dressage “high school”. »

Inherited know-how

Jérémy Gonzalez does not hide a certain apprehension before this first outing in Europe: « There is always apprehension because here, we are in another culture, another approach to horses. We will know if this show is as popular as in Saudi Arabia », he slips. This is a new challenge for this couple of international equestrian artists who, for nearly 20 years, have reached the heights of free-range and high-school dressage and honor the path once opened by Jean-Manuel Gonzalez, father of Jérémy , in the field of equestrian art.

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