Lunel: Long live garrigue had a successful first party despite the weather uncertainty

Lunel: Long live garrigue had a successful first party despite the weather uncertainty

Plusieurs dizaines de personnes ont participé à la fête. Midi Libre – JPS

Around a hundred people met at Chemin de Pisse-Saumes.

The first drops loaded with sand from the Sahara fell at the end of the morning and obviously, they did not bode well. However, this Sunday at midday, thanks to a less threatening sky, the Vive garrigue association saved its first party on the path to Pisse-Saumes. For a few brave handfuls, the party began with an escapade in the scrubland around the extraordinary Lunel naturalist John Walsh. The opportunity to discover, in just a few meters, the generosity and floristic richness of this piece of territory.

The lull has had its effect

In the end, at midday, with the help of the disappearance of the showers, a total of around a hundred people shared aperitifs and meals around the dry stone stands and that of the l& rsquo;Forgotten Fruits association (read below). A godsend from heaven for the young association Vive garrigue which could thus hope to reap some benefits from this first. Not only in terms of notoriety but also financially.

Update on the project around Baguai

And for good reason, born two years ago, in reaction to the project to develop the Baguai farmhouse by the intercommunity, Vive garrigue is concerned about its independence, which guarantees a counter- effective power. « It’it’s through this type of event that we hope to make profits that allow us to be autonomous. We also have the idea of ​​organizing, soon, a lottery », underlined François Clément, president of Vive garrigue, welcoming his guests during with a brief speech.

An appeal against the scot of Lunel Agglo

A speech during which he mainly took stock of the evolution of the 60 ha development project around Baguai. The president recalled the demonstration organized under the prefect's windows, an action which resulted in the withdrawal of the logistics platform project carried by Lidl. François Clément also revealed that the Vive garrigue association has filed an appeal with the administrative court against the Scot de Lunel Agglo which allows the development of the area. A dispute suspended since, since negotiations have opened with the intermunicipality. A secret mediation but for which the president of Vive garrigue clarified the framework: « We had 2 meetings and we have already obtained some progress: the natural, agricultural areas and the hydraulic basin would not be developed. In fact, we are looking for a balance and, on this basis, a protocol will be proposed to us, probably by the end of the summer. »
The president of Vive garrigue was very clear regarding the future. He will submit the possible protocol to an extraordinary general assembly and he launched: « If we approve it, we will abandon the litigation. If we reject it, we will resume the action. » to be continued.

Forgotten Fruits network launches a petition

Action. Present &at; the first garrigue festival, the Fruits oubliés network association, which publishes the magazine of the same name, launched ;eacute; an online petition “Manifesto of vines in resistance” in partnership with the Syndicat des Hautes Vallés Cévenoles and the IGP Cévennes. It aims à obtain authorization to experiment with the planting of wine grape varieties in trellises and to be able to market the wine made from these vines (clinton, noah, isabelle, herbemont, jacquez, othello ) most of which are now banned. Information on fruitsoublié

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