Magna Porta, Market station, aerodrome, ANRU: what are the projects of SPL Agate and Sat ?

Magna Porta, Market station, aerodrome, ANRU: what are the projects of SPL Agate and Sat ?

The Magna Porta area and its dozens of hectares. SPL Agate

SPL Agate and Sat are developing the territory of Nîmes and its conurbation with major projects.

Essential for the territorial development of Nîmes and its agglomeration, SPL Agate and Sat are multiplying the projects, between 85 and 90. An update on the biggest files monitored in 2024.

Magna Porta

This project led by the Agglo Nîmes Métropole has started its marketing phase of 60 hectares located in the town of Manduel, near the Nîmes Pont du Gard TGV station. It will be necessary to find 200 ha for environmental compensation measures. 400 ha have been identified. The land may be subject to acquisition or a long lease for 40 to 50 years.

An agreement was made with the NGE group to find candidates for installation in this future area which will benefit from a development permit at the end of 2025, d’ a Dup (Declaration of Public Utility) next year with the first installations in 2026-2028. "It will be the tertiary sector, industry, a few activities, hotels linked to the TGV station", recalls Olivier Arnaud, director of planning and construction at SPL Agate and Sat. "It’s a big project and sensitive for the environmental file. We will have difficulty releasing a program of such a size tomorrow", adds Olivier Arnaud.

Station market

Magna Porta, Market station, aerodrome, ANRU: what are the projects of SPL Agate and Sat ?

The Market Station requalification zone, a major project at the West Gate of Nîmes. SPL Agate

For this requalification operation of one of the Nîmes economic zones called "West Gate", carried out by the Agglo, road works will be launched at the start of the September school year  2024. Islets are the subject of calls for tender so that developers can construct buildings on bare land to the east of the zone to house tertiary activity.

Activities will thus be moved to the agri-food part. This will be the case for the Food Bank for which premises have been found at the Gare Market but to the west of the area. "It’is a very beautiful operation which has allowed us to preserve the heritage: the market halls, the old slaughterhouse and the shipping quay", confides Olivier Arnaud. The park and ride project is progressing as well as the relocation of the Saint-Césaire station by 2028-2029 very close to the Marché station, "a real plus" .


Magna Porta, Market station, aerodrome, ANRU: what are the projects of SPL Agate and Sat ?

In Pissevin, the Debussy slab will be demolished from next June. Archive MIKAËL ANISSET

Among the numerous files carried out by SPL Agate at the request of the City of Nîmes, there is that of urban renovation. This year, from the beginning of June, the demolition of the Debussy slab will begin. A project which includes the destruction of the Puccini viaduct but also changes to the Wagner gallery with traders to be transferred. With its Odil structure, SPL Agate is ready to acquire ground floors and housing in Pissevin.

At Mas de Mingue, the structure manages the Grillons file. A first lot opposite the neighborhood shopping center has been marketed and a second which includes garages remains in the process of being marketed.


After being pleased to have successfully completed the first real estate program in the Hoche eco-district, around the rapidly expanding university site, in the Uzès road sector, SPL Agate, for the City, is embarking on the second phase. East of the university, the plan is to build at least 900 housing units according to the City. The first residents should move in by 2028. "This very beautiful project", dixit Olivier Arnaud, remains a little longer important than that of the first phase.


Magna Porta, Market station, aerodrome, ANRU: what are the projects of SPL Agate and Sat ?

The director of the Courbessac aerodrome Thibaut de Rosnay wants to increase the activity of the site. SPL Agate

For the past year, SPL Agate has managed, at the request of the City, the Courbessac aerodrome created in 1909. Its director Thibaut de Rosnay, who came from the Gap Tallard site, confides that he increased the prices for occupying the hangars (around twenty of which 95% belong to private individuals whose Authorizations for temporary occupation of the public domain have been renewed for 15 years), the taxes of rsquo;landing, in order to also find enough to finance the maintenance of the site. In fact, it was necessary to mow the grass track, clear brush, and also compact the land, which has a cost.

The photovoltaic farm project on 30 of the 100 hectares of the airfield, probably to the east, will constitute another source of income, as well as the restaurant project in a building near the main entrance with office and reception. For the photovoltaic plant, the pre-selection of candidates will take place before the summer. "We want to open the site to the public as much as possible", indicates the director who has set up markings and security for walking areas around the aerodrome. The City is building buildings north of the aerodrome for tertiary activity.

The missions, new features of the SPL Agate and the SAT

SPL Agate (Planning and management for the future of the territory) is a specialized company. of private rights & public capital created in May 2012. It is majority owned by the City of Nîmes. Furthermore, Sat (Mixed Economy Society for Territorial Development, majority owned by Nîmes Mé ;tropole) has been operating since 1986. The organizations are chaired by the 1st deputy mayor of Nîmes Julien Plantier. Around a hundred people work there. 85 &agrav; 90 projects are supported by the two structures.

The SPL Agate has joined forces with Cooliving, a start-up from Pau, to offer furnished and equipped shared accommodation with shared spaces. students or young professionals. Several sites are targeted in the city center of Nîmes. Furthermore, it is also launching into photovoltaics. Sat also responds to calls for tenders for development.

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