Medical consultation, radiological examinations, biological analyses… the remainder will double from May 15

Medical consultation, radiological examinations, biological analyses… the remainder will double from May 15

Acté le 21 mars avec 11 votes favorables parmi les 18 membres du conseil de l’Union des caisses d’Assurance maladie. MAXPPP – Thierry Thorel

À partir du 15 mai 2024, lors de chaque consultation ou acte médical, deux euros ne seront pas remboursés et resteront à la charge du patient. Cette participation forfaitaire s’élevait jusqu’à présent à 1 euro.

What is the fixed contribution? ? This is the amount that is not reimbursed by Health Insurance during a medical consultation or during radiological examinations or biology analyses. Its amount was 1 euro, it will increase from May 15, 2024, to 2 euros after a vote by the council of the ;Union of Health Insurance Funds (Uncam), indicates BFMTV.

The remainder at double charge

Concretely, for a consultation with your general practitioner at 26.50 euros, the consultation is in theory reimbursed at 70% or 18.55 euros. With the flat-rate contribution of 2 euros, the amount actually reimbursed by health insurance will therefore only be 16.55 euros. In the event of a third-party payer, the amount of the flat-rate contribution will be recovered on a subsequent reimbursement. This flat-rate contribution applies including to people suffering from a long-term illness (ALD) or on sick leave.

This concerns all adult patients except pregnant women from the 6th month of pregnancy (and until the 12th day following childbirth) and beneficiaries of Supplementary Health Insurance solidarity (C2S) or state medical aid (AME).

Some exceptions

This contribution does not apply to the dental surgeon, for care provided by a midwife or a medical assistant (nurse, masseur-physiotherapist, speech therapist…hellip;) or even in in the context of a surgical intervention. The fixed contribution remains limited to 4 euros per day and per healthcare professional. Above all, the amount will always be capped at 50 euros per year and per person. But it will be reached more quickly and by a greater number of patients, reports Le Parisien.

The government decree of February 16 also provided for the doubling of medical franchises on boxes of medicines, paramedical procedures and medical transport, the increase of which came into force effective March 31, 2024.

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