Meeting around entrepreneurship at the Castel space

Meeting around entrepreneurship at the Castel space

Experts and future entrepreneurs discuss their project.

The Space Management Boutique (BGE) of Lunel organized, Thursday May 23, the 6th challenge "Entreprendre en Pays de Lunel", at the Castel space. At the end of this day, 15 entrepreneurs who wish to launch their project were selected by a jury and will be able to benefit from 7 months of reinforced coaching, alongside experts in business creation.

But beyond the competition, it is an opportunity to interact with local entrepreneurship players and to obtain advice and help in order to get started , to know what steps to take.

Possible collaborations with partners

In total, around ten partnerships were present to support these project leaders, including Brice Rodin, representative of the Credo Avocat structure. "There are always around forty business leaders each year, it's rich in information for them", explains the one who has been present since 2019.

"This initiative is a trigger for those who seize the opportunity. Nearly 80% of those present complete their project", specifies Brice Rodin.

This is the objective by Victor Blanchon, former entrepreneur on the web of ParlonsPC: "My idea now is to create a physical album with screens between the pages which allow you to visualize memories through all generations."

And to achieve this creation, manifestation is of primordial help: " Today, I need to be supported by experts to be as calm as possible in my approach and that this leads me to success &quot ;, indicates Victor Blanchon after a discussion with an expert.

"She gave me references that I can put on my site to improve, and she could help me communicate with her students because she likes my project." Project support, the challenge organized by the BGE and Lunel Agglo will reopen its doors next year.

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