MHR – Lyon: Louis Carbonel back, Lyon with ambitions, lines from the last match at GGL Stadium

MHR – Lyon: Louis Carbonel back, Lyon with ambitions, lines from the last match at GGL Stadium

Louis Carbonel fera son retour au sein de l’effectif montpelliérain. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Pour le dernier match à domicile de la saison face à Lyon (samedi 1er juin, 17 h), le MHR pourra compter sur le retour de son ouvreur. En Face, le LOU aligne une équipe très compétitive.

Louis Carbonel returns to business after his shock against Castres, the MHR opener will find a starting place alongside Cobus Reinach in the hinge. Montpellier which will also count on the return of Vano Karkadze as hooker surrounded by Baptiste Erdocio and Luka Japaridze. Behind, Tyler Duguid and Bastien Chalureau will be associated in the cage.

Nicolaas Janse Van Rensburg, Alexandre Bécognée and captain Lenni Nouchi will form the third line.

Behind, Jan Serfontein and Geoffrey Doumayrou will be associated with the triangle Arthur Vincent, Ben Lam and Julien Tisseron at the back. On the bench, return of Enzo Forletta.

The teams

MONTPELLIER: Erdocio – Karkadze – Japaridze – Duguid, Chalureau – Van Rensburg, Bécognée, Nouchi (c) – Reinach (m), Carbonel (o) – Vincent, Serfontein, Doumayrou, Lam – Weaver. Substitutes: Tolofua, Forletta, Tauleigne, Perrin, Eymeri, Darmon, Bridge, Lamositele.

LYON : Rey, Marchand, Bamba – Lambey, Roussel – William, Taufua (c), Saginadze – Page-Relo (m), Jackson (o) – Dumortier, Maraku, Radradra, Rattez – Abrahams. Substitutes: Charcosset, Devisme, Goujon, Guillard, Couilloud, Smith, Gouzou, Kaabeche.

Lyon in force

Opposite, the Lyonnais line up very solid. Even if Baptiste Couilloud, top try scorer in the Top 14, will start on the bench. The Montpellier residents will therefore have to be wary of the flashes of Radradra and Dumortier behind or the attacks of the third line Taufua and Saginadze.

Some notable absentees on the Lyon side, Georgian fullback Niniashvili and the Taofifenua brothers will not be there like opener Léo Berdeu. But the Lyonnais will have serious arguments.

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