MHR: right pillar Mohamed Haouas should return to Montpellier, and faster than expected

MHR: right pillar Mohamed Haouas should return to Montpellier, and faster than expected

Le pilier formé à Montpellier devrait revenir au MHR l'été prochain, après une pige au Biarritz Olympique. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

INFO MIDI LIBRE – Le MHR devrait enregistrer le retour du pilier droit international Mohamed Haouas (29 ans) l'été prochain.

There is no need to say. Montpellier has been in the news in recent weeks in the French rugby landscape. Latest info to date: the return to MHR of the former pillar trained at the club, Mohamed Haouas.

The 29-year-old international right-hander (16 caps), under contract with Biarritz Olympique until 2025, should arrive in Hérault this summer according to our information.

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Haouas left the MHR last summer amid legal proceedings. On May 30, the former teenager from the Petit-Bard district was sentenced to one year in prison for domestic violence. A video of him hitting his wife in the Polygone premises in Montpellier was circulating on social networks. 

16 matches with Biarritz

Supposed to leave for Clermont in the summer of 2023, the Auvergne club refused to welcome the player due to these convictions. A few days later, Biarritz offered him a two-year contract in Pro D2.

This season, Haouas played 16 matches with the Basque club, including 12 as a starter. 

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The Montpellier pillar would return to his training club next July, he who started professionally during the 2017/2018 season. He played 116 matches with the MHR.

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