MHSC: Mousa Tamari and Khalil Fayad back in the Montpellier group for the trip to Reims

MHSC: Mousa Tamari and Khalil Fayad back in the Montpellier group for the trip to Reims

L’attaquant jordanien sera de retour. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Absents à Clermont, l’attaquant jordanien et le jeune milieu effectuent leur rentrée dans le groupe de Montpellier qui se déplace dimanche à Reims (15h).

They are there. Striker Mousa Tamari and young midfielder Khalil Fayad, absent in Clermont (1-1), return to the group formed by Michel Der Zakarian to face Reims on Sunday April 21 (15). ;h) at the Auguste-Delaune stadium during the 30th day of Ligue 1.

On the occasion of this second consecutive trip, Montpellier, ranked in 13th place, will try to grab the points it lacks to "confirm the maintenance".

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Victim of lower back pain, and at the bottom of the wave in the middle of Ramadan, the Jordanian winger (26 years old) had missed the trip to Auvergne, but had resumed collective training at the start of the week. Will he start against the Rémois ? The two new wingers Tanguy Coulibaly, starter and scorer in Auvergne, and Yann Karamoh responded to their coach’s expectations during the last matches and offer him options news.

Without Jordan Ferri, suspended, nor Falaye Sacko

Der Zak will also have a range of solutions to replace the suspended experienced midfielder Jordan Ferri. One of them could be Khalil Fayad, who also returns to the squad.

Injured upon his return from selection for the French U20 team, the young midfielder did not play any of the final three matches in Ligue 1. After an interim period in "reserve"& ;nbsp;last week, he took the place of Sacha Delaye.

Der Zak, who has only retained four midfielders, also has the possibility of lining up in the midfield the Swiss international Becir Omeragic, established in this post in Le Havre (0-2) two weeks ago.

In addition to left back Théo Saint-Luce (thigh), who is due to resume at the start of next week, Malian international Falaye Sacko is once again not included in the group of twenty players. And gradually moves away from Montpellier.

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