MHSC – Nantes: “The right problem” for Der Zakarian with a full squad

MHSC – Nantes: “The right problem” for Der Zakarian with a full squad

Suspendu à Reims, Jordan Ferri fait son retour dans le groupe. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

L’entraîneur montpelliérain a tous les joueurs à disposition pour la première fois de la saison. Il a déjà fait des choix dans son groupe de 20 en écartant Wahbi Khazri.

Which starting eleven will line up Michel Der Zakarian, the coach of Montpellier, against Nantes, this Friday evening ? Very clever who can say. Usually, the MHSC coach is not the type to change his compositions too much from one match to another but here he finds himself faced with a new configuration with a full squad.

"Today, there is competition everywhere, in all positions. It's up to the players to finish the season well collectively, and whoever plays, may they bring their know-how to the team", hopes the Montpellier technician.

Who had already surprised with the training starting in Reims with the tenure of Silvan Hefti and Issiaga Sylla on the sides of the defense. "I wanted to see them again even if the two young people (Tchato, Mincarelli, Editor's note) had had good matches", had justified themselves Der Zakarian.

Finally decisive replacements

The Pailladin coach therefore has a choice because all positions are doubled and therefore has real solutions on the sidelines. It’s no coincidence that the solution has come from the substitutes for three matches.

Mousa Tamari decisive in Reims or Yann Karamoh scorer against Lorient are potential starters. This full squad also allows him to make tactical moves with the rises of Becir Omeragic in midfield or the switch to a five-man defense to preserve a result.

The five substitutions also allow him to really influence the match, which is easier when the substitutes are at the level of the starters, which was not necessarily the case in recent seasons.

"There we got everyone back, we'll see who will start, I have a lot of choices to put a team on the field. It's up to me to do the right things to continue winning matches. It’s a good problem", underlines the Montpellier coach who has already decided among the twenty days selected.

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With a big surprise, the absence of Wahbi Khazri in attack. Those of Falaye Sacko and Théo Sainte-Luce who became number 3 on the sides of the defense and Sacha Delaye in the middle were more expected. Jordan Ferri suspended in Reims is back.

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