Volleyball: In Narbonne, Montpellier wants to continue its positive series to start the play-offs in the best possible condition

Volleyball: In Narbonne, Montpellier wants to continue its positive series to start the play-offs in the best possible condition

Things are getting serious soon for the MHSC VB Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Faced with a neighbor engaged in the fight for maintenance, the MHSC VB must still win to hope to finish the regular season in the first four teams in the ranking and thus have home advantage in the quarter-finals of the championship.

A dynamic to maintain

Since its last defeat, on February 10 in Paris (3-0), the MHSC VB has been unstoppable. In the Coupe de France, the Hérault club pushed Toulouse and Poitiers out of its way to qualify for the final of the Coupe de France. In the championship, he made a strong impression at home against Tourcoing (3-1) and Tours (3-0). Better yet, he has only lost two of the 10 matches played since Loic Le Marrec was promoted to head coach. "I am very satisfied with the level of play displayed over the past few weeks, rejoices Montpellier president Jean-Charles Caylar. Now we arrive at the money-time of the season."

A dangerous opponent

This Saturday (7:30 p.m.), the trip will be short but the stakes will be high. Even more so for Narbonne which is still far from having ensured its continued existence in the elite. The people of Montpellier are warned that the task will be difficult during this hot derby against the Audois in great danger.

A top 4 to get in League A

Three days before the end of the regular season in the championship, MHSC VB is in fifth place in the standings. Above all, he reduced the gap with the top 4, the announced objective. Montpellier can still hope to overtake Tourcoing and Tours who are a small point ahead and even Nantes, second four lengths behind but which is expected at the Palais des sports de Castelnau on March 23 (8 p.m.). “We had a slump last season but we have been at the top of the table for several years now, comments Caylar. We are one of the best teams in a very dense championship, which will make the final stages very exciting. Hence the interest in being among the first four in order to have home advantage in the quarter-finals."

Clear matches to prepare

"Everything in its time", whispered Loic Le Marrec a few moments after winning the famous ticket for the Coupe de France final. His players still have three games ahead of them before the schedule becomes hellish. Since only three days after the last in the regular phase, they will begin the play-offs, on March 26, on a field and against an opponent to be determined. They will then have to travel to Paris for the Coupe de France final on March 31, before the second match of the Ligue A quarter-final on April 3. "We haven't won anything yet but we are in the race for all the objectives. I think we will have to count on us in the play-offs,” warns Jean-Charles Caylar.

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