MHSC – PSG: Montpellier must not lose track before April

MHSC – PSG: Montpellier must not lose track before April

Montpellier a retrouvé de la cohésion depuis quelques semaines, un bon signe pour les matches important à venir. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Le MHSC qui reste sur un succès à Nice, veut enchaîner, dimanche 17 mars, à 20 h 45, à la Mosson, contre Paris, avant de jouer des adversaires directs pour le maintien.

Montpellier will not play this Sunday evening, in the rain and the cold, after three consecutive matches where it had to deal with the weather elements. A certain mildness is even expected on the Mosson around 8:45 p.m. A clearing in the sky as in the MHSC results, in recent weeks with two victories and a draw in the last four matches.

A slight improvement which allowed the Montpellier residents to leave the place of barrage, which is not negligible psychologically speaking. Better in the results but also necessarily in the game. An evolution which goes back "from Metz", estimates the middle field, Jordan Ferri.

"We had even seen it before against Lyon (1-2), we had a good match but we were missing 15 minutes. Against Strasbourg (2-2), we showed a lot of self-sacrifice and determination to come back to the score. There were moments of inattention which meant that we were not rewarded for the good content of our matches. Even in Marseille (4-1), where we made a good start then everything stopped."

More regularity over time

Everything for him would be a question of consistency over time. "We couldn’keep up these strong moments, or play a complete match& ;quot;, analyzes the former Lyonnais. A continuous effort that Montpellier managed to validate in Nice (1-2). "We didn’not master it from start to finish but we played a consistent match for 90 minutes and we were finally rewarded. We must stick to what has been done well in these last matches and maintain it as much as possible over the duration of a match and there will be other victories."

But Jordan Ferri does not indulge in Beat optimism, on the contrary. "If we're getting carried away now, it's because we haven't understood absolutely anything." < /em>The Montpellier vice-captain only hopes "that there really is awareness".< /p>

It must materialize in the coming weeks where the MHSC will meet direct opponents for maintenance (in Le Havre, against Lorient, in Clermont, against Nantes and in Toulouse). Before that, there is this Sunday's match against Paris. "Points against Paris are always points that we didn’not necessarily predict at the start of the season. If we have to take it, it will be ultra-positive for us in our race to maintain. If we lose, there is nothing that will collapse", assures the Vauclusian by birth.

Of character and mind

Because the Pailladins have shown in recent weeks despite everything that they have character and mentality like the match against Strasbourg (2-2) where they came back twice afterwards have been carried out. "It’s a group where there are a lot of competitors, a very good atmosphere. This is important in decisive moments. Players are not afraid to say things to each other, insists Jordan Ferri.

He and other executives like Benjmain Lecomte, Téji Savanier and Wahbi Khazri brought the team to Nice. "The coach makes us face our responsibilities. We never fled. But we win and lose together." An essential group unity when playing to maintain. A cohesion and continuity that we should also find in the compositions of Michel Der Zakarian who favors experienced players and those who give satisfaction.

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A hierarchy that seems hard to shake up unless, like in Nice, the returnees really bring something like Léo Leroy and Enzo Tchato. They should also start against Paris. This is also a positive sign.

Proof that after the rain, sunny days and spring arrive.

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