Michelin Guide 2024: chef Sébastien Rath finally wins his first star

Michelin Guide 2024: chef Sébastien Rath finally wins his first star

Gwladys and Sébastien Rath obtain a star in the Michelin Guide. Midi Free – ALEXIS BETHUNE

After years of effort, the chef of Saint-Hilaire is rewarded.

Less than a year after the opening of their new restaurant Le Saint-Hilaire, Chef Sébastien Rath and his housekeeper wife, Gwladys Rath, won their first star.

"In these times of change, when we have fought to move not only our furniture but also culinary ideals, receiving a first star in the Michelin Guide resonates as a mark of confidence and support", assures Sébastien Rath, new starred chef of Gard.

"This recognition from the Michelin Guide is full of encouragement. Our region is magnificent, we have remarkable producers and artisans and putting them in the spotlight every day through my cuisine and the room service orchestrated by my wife is an invaluable opportunity. Winning this first star in Gard is an immense source of pride which I hope will encourage other neighboring restaurants to follow the same path. It’s a constant adventure to assert ourselves and reinvent ourselves, and this star will guide us even further towards excellence."

Real players committed to promoting their territory, Sébastien and Gwladys promote the work of artisans and products from the region. "From the goldsmith's work of cutlery to the delights of our table, from the nobility of the wood worked by the carpenters to the fabrics made by Maison Tufferi, local excellence is always privileged", explains Gwladys Rath.

For the woman who was president for three years of the Entreprendre au feminine association, this distinction is much more than recognition of a culinary commitment: &amp ;quot;We are very invested in hyper local and this Michelin star is much more than a gastronomic distinction; it is recognition of a deep dedication to our region. It is a testimony of our investment not only in the quality of our table but also in the dynamism of our territory. Obtaining this star means recognizing the value of those, within our region, who dare to dream, undertake and achieve their full potential. It’s a victory for all."

It is with the entire brigade, clients and friends of Saint-Hilaire, that Sébastien and Gwladys Rath are preparing to celebrate this distinction, synonymous with new responsibility.

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