Millau: For its 10th issue, “La Main chaud” looks at the dark side of Aveyron social stories

Millau: For its 10th issue, “La Main chaud” looks at the dark side of Aveyron social stories

For the occasion, the association has brought out the archives of old issues. Midi Free – Laura Vaillant

For its 10th edition of La Main chaud, the eponymous association opts for a dark side of social and local history.

A work of researchers and social history buffs. The Millavine association, based in the premises of the CGT, is once again meeting to offer for sale the latest issue, just out of the oven, of "La Main chaud". A real "editing and historical work with the wish to carry it through to the end", validates Michel Delmouly, former history teacher.

A new number described as "particular" by members of the La Main Chaude association, passionate about local history. This year, some articles will address "its black side", including the portrait of a southern Aveyron fascist. In this sense also, the magazine will offer a look back at the story of Jean Prunière, shot at the Paul-Tort stadium, following a conviction. A more than obvious return for La Main chaud since "the singularity of this case illustrates what Millau was at the time of the collaboration&quot ;.

Nod to Jean Vigo

Everything has been thought out to the millimeter to make this n° 10 a success. This is evidenced by the choice of cover illustration. To echo the articles in La Mèche (p. 51-60), it's towards an image from the film "Zéro de conduct", by  Jean-Vigo , that the choice was made. "An achievement considered as a libertarian pamphlet", specify the members of the association. A nod to a local celebrity, in perfect agreement with the editorial line of the magazine.

To celebrate this "full, smooth decade", some copies hide in their pages a historical sound recording of Félicie Mazerand, originally from Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon, whose life was recounted in the second issue of La Main chaud, in 2016. Born in 1887, at l& rsquo;At the age of 11 she was already working in the cellars of Roquefort. This cabin bears witness for 16 minutes to her memories of being a worker and of social commitments, notably including the great strike of 1907. Archive of past times retrieved from the Adiamos association, whose the objective is to safeguard the memory of the world of work and social movements.

Millau: For its 10th issue, “La Main chaud” looks at the dark side of Aveyron social stories

The members of La Main chaud are already preparing their 11th issue. Midi Free – Laura Vaillant

Millau postal workers on strike

"We cannot do local social history if we are not interested in the conflicts of the moment",< /em> supports Michel Delmouly. Since social movements are not over, the little hot hands offer a look back at more recent struggles. In particular, that of the postal workers of the city of the glove who, for more than a month, were on strike at the end of last year. "The postal workers ultimately respected the traditions of local strikes since 43 days is the average of the major strikes in Millau", valid, smiling, Michel Delmouly.

Stories to discover in a few days, in an issue with increased pagination for a price equal to the previous one. Like every year, the number will be on sale from May 1st at the starting and finishing points of the customary walk linking the station to the CGT premises. A date that has become, in ten years, the unmissable meeting place for some curious people. The opportunity to exchange, around a "col-lation" at the local the CGT, with the members of the association already well underway on the next edition.

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