Monsieur K and Myster B in dedication for the new volume of their “Anachronistic Chronicles”

Monsieur K and Myster B in dedication for the new volume of their “Anachronistic Chronicles”

Les Biterrois Myster B et Monsieur K poursuivent leur série de “Chroniques anachroniques”.

The two Biterrois have imagined a series of comic strips around the great founding legends. They are signing their second opus, this Saturday, May 4 at 3:30 p.m. at the Clareton bookstore. And will meet the readers. 

A signing session is taking place at the Clareton bookstore, in Béziers, this Saturday, May 4, at 3:30 p.m., on the occasion of the official release of the comic book "Anachronistic Chronicles : Jerusalem"? .

After "Gévaudan", the first volume of the "The anachronistic chronicles" imagined by Monsieur K and Myster B, the second volume has just been published. The two Biterrois are used to working on the scenario together, the first then creates the drawings, the second works on the colors.

Like the first, this second volume is published by the associative publishing house Tapage, based in Montolieu, in Aude. "The goal was to discover what is at the origin of legends and myths", told Mr. K, during the launch of the first opus . Characters, thanks to a watch that allows you to go back in time, disrupt the course of events… "We wanted to return to the fundamentals of Franco-Belgian comics, to return to the side of comics for all audiences that we can read as children and older", he further clarified. The volume 3 "Avalon", volume 4 "Paris" and volume 5 "Atlantis" will also emerge later. "There will be ten volumes in total to cover the founding legends".

Note that Monsieur K is also releasing a novel, "Le Soleil d’Eriblet", co-written with Rod Gayrard  and Myster B. During this dedication, Gilles Moraton will also be present with his two new releases: "Mission Polycarpe" and "Remind me to die lying on my left side". (Éditions Tapage).

This Saturday, May 4, 3:30 p.m., Clareton bookstore, 21 rue de la République in Béziers.

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