MUSIC, pedaling and glitter: party to save the Spot!

MUSIC, pedaling and glitter: party to save the Spot!

MUSIC, pedaling and glitter: party to save the Spot!

Beat, beach bit : le r’n’b de terrain vague ! DR – DR

La structure du Spot, en difficulté financière, organise une soirée de soutien à Paloma.

We no longer present the Spot. A true engine of Nîmes cultural life, at the origin of the Ouf Expo, ephemeral third places and numerous social and artistic actions, the Spot is one of the essential pieces of the landscape local which radiates well beyond rue Enclos-Rey.

Last February, the Spot publicly shared its difficulties, announcing that it needed to raise at least 30,000 euros to be able to get off to a good start. Four months and an end to the employee contract later (which led to a certain number of reorganizations), the Spot still lacks money. "Until now, we have collected approximately 12,000 euros, notably via the Helloasso platform, explains Lauréline Tellier, responsible for programming and communications for the Spot. We thank the contributors and we wanted to organize a support evening."

Thanks to the contribution of Paloma, who graciously lends the premises, this support evening will take place this Saturday, June 29, from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. On the program, music, of course! In the patio space, you can discover the local band Bon Vivre and the delirious "r’n’b of vacant land" Beat beach doe. In the large room: the group Denuit (synthwave), Fasme (live electro acid DJ) and Nene H (techno).

Added to this are the Dynamgène company and its athletic-cyclo-disco-club (pedal… and listen to a record !), the Paillettes galore of Mercury retrograde, organic wine tastings with Zeller and sales of t-shirts created for the occasion by Eddie Pons and Christophe Blanc sometimes Valparess at profit from the Spot.

Tickets can be taken on the helloasso platform or directly at Paloma (full price 12 €), Saturday at the end of the day and evening. A good opportunity to party, to enjoy Paloma a little longer before the summer break… hellip; while contributing to saving the Spot. Essential.

Paloma, 250, Chemin de l’aérodrome, from 6 p.m.

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