Musical evenings, theater, Bagnolaise fiesta, singing competition, votive festival… around forty events for the Cèz’tivales

Musical evenings, theater, Bagnolaise fiesta, singing competition, votive festival… around forty events for the Cèz’tivales

Nicolas Maury, les élus Michel Cegielski et Maxime Couston, et Laurent Girardi ont présenté le programme des Cèz'tivales. Midi Libre – C. L.

From June 21st to mid-September, the City of Bagnols will be filled with the Cèz’tivales with no fewer than three events per week. The varied program is aimed at all generations.

The Cèz’tivales will begin on June 21st, the day of the music festival, in Bagnols-sur-Cèze. This year again, the program is dense with no fewer than three events minimum per week. "We are in the dynamism and continuity of what has been put in place in previous years, emphasizes Maxime Couston, first deputy delegate for festivities. The Cèz’tivales are aimed at all generations with a very varied program that we can be proud of. There will be something for all genres."The activities will take place throughout the city: places Bertin-Boissin, du Château, Mallet, Jean-Jaurès, square Marcel-Pagnol, cour Saint-Maur and Mont-Cotton.

This season, jazz Tuesdays in Cèze, organ Wednesdays, musical Thursdays, open-air cinema sessions and even singing competitions are renewed. "It’is important for the public to find the key events of the latest editions", comments Michel Cegielski, assistant to the culture.

Patrick Fiori draws crowds

To these weekly meetings are added the nights of Mont-Cotton with the three headliners: Magic System on July 12, Patrick Fiori on July 13 and the tour "Hello little nails" with Marc Toesca on August 23. "Already 1 200 places have been sold for Patrick Fiori. The Mont-Cotton theater should be complete", announces Laurent Girardi, director of the cultural service. More than 700 tickets were purchased for the Magic System group.

Gauze of bulls and horses

Local groups, "even from Bagnolais", will be in the spotlight with four concerts free events organized on Place Bertin-Boissin (July 5, 14 and 26 and August 2). This year, the traditional Bagnolaise fiesta will take place on Saturday, July 6 and Sunday, July 7 at Arthur-Rimbaud Park. The Lou Gabian bullfighting club joins the festival committee for the organization of the event. And new this year, there will be  the "roussataïo" and the gauze with a release of mares and bulls into the Cèze, escorted by the riders of the herd. The volunteers of the festival committee will be mobilized again on July 14 for the foam evening. The votive festival, from September 6 to 8, in the city center will close the Cèz’tivales.

Apart from registrations for singing competitions and the three Mont-Cotton Nights concerts, all activities are free.

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