Networks: four villages in the Hérault hinterland cut off from the world

Networks: four villages in the Hérault hinterland cut off from the world

Selon les premiers éléments, la coupure semble liée à des travaux d'ajout de câbles entre Soubès et Saint-Etienne. M.A. – Midi Libre

Dans le Lodévois, Saint-Etienne-de-Gourgas, Saint-Pierre-de-la-Fage, Saint-Maurice-de-Navacelles et La Vacquerie sont sans communications, à la suite de travaux malencontreux ce lundi 19 février…

In Lodévois, the inhabitants of Saint-Etienne-de-Gourgas, Saint-Pierre-de-la-Fage, Saint-Maurice-de-Navacelles and La Vacquerie have been without means of communication since Monday February 19.

It seems that work carried out in front of the Saint-Etienne town hall on Monday morning led to the tearing out of all the fiber and ADSL cables. Since then, no operator has given a recovery date.

Networks: four villages in the Hérault hinterland cut off from the world

Faced with the mayor of Saint-Etienne-de-Gourgas, an unfortunate excavation… and hundreds of users deprived of any connection. Correspondent

A loud cry during work… and nothing more

According to the first elements, it was an intervention on the fiber, with a view to adding additional cables between Soubès and Saint-Etienne. A scout had marked the ground a few days before, in front of the cabinet opposite the town hall.

On Monday, the workers obviously dug in the wrong place (we do not know if the previous detection was bad or if the digging was poorly located). The fact is that the town clerk who was working opposite heard a loud cry. And then nothing more…

The town hall is not very optimistic about Orange's recovery times. "Since Monday, we have been told every day "it will be restored before tomorrow morning"… But still nothing."

This Thursday, February 22, until the evening, the very sporadic interventions remained ineffective. And the four villages remain without means of communication or television.

A heavily impacted economic fabric

This outage is damaging for a large number of users in this area who are teleworking, self-employed people unable to work and isolated people.

Restaurants, particularly in La Vacquerie, no longer receive their reservations. The Kermit association is juggling its telephone data, in a village which has no reception, to enter its requests for subsidies… In the space of a few days, the situation has become economically very sensitive.

The only solution recommended by operators: "Put your phone on data". But with a very limited speed, staggering costs and without any commercial gesture… Discontent continues to mount on the networks.

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