Nîmes Olympique: a collective momentum to maintain

Nîmes Olympique: a collective momentum to maintain

Défensivement, Mexique, Diouf et tous les Crocos ont fait leur part de travail sans rechigner pour empêcher le remuant Dabasse, Ghorzi et les Orléanais d’égaliser. MAXPPP – Christelle Gaujard

Les Crocos ont été sacrément bougés vendredi 19 avril à Orléans (0-1), compensant son déficit de maîtrise par une générosité et une abnégation à toute épreuve.

He almost had difficulty pulling his wheeled bag. "The cramps are not far away", admitted Abdallah Lemaangr as he joined the bus, Friday evening (April 19) in Orléans (0-1). The middle of the croc reserve, "a puncher, a boy who repeats races, who is very aggressive and also knows how to play ball" (Hermach), was exhausted after his first seventy-five minutes in National. "It has nothing to do with Regional 1. The intensity is really not the same! I felt it directly after less than ten minutes of play, he said, he who had the mission, when Nîmes was able to press high, to go and tickle the ankles…"

The 30th day of National and the ranking

Reservists who are worth it

Zakary Lamgahez, Marowane Khalid, Abdallah Lemaangr… Adil Hermach was not afraid to innovate and draw from the ranks of team 2 that he led before his appointment to bring the Crocos back to life. "I'm not here to give gifts, he still wants to clarify. Those who play deserve it and have shown that they have their place in the group."

Confirmation from Sébastien Larcier: "This victory validates Adil’s choices to launch young people who are struggling." The Croco sports director had just left a feverish locker room and he had enjoyed the moment: "It’It was nice to see the joy of the players, it had been a long time since I had seen them like that. On the pitch, we felt a team, a soul. We found a collective momentum."

The example of Real Madrid

In his pre-match talk, because he knew that his team was going to suffer, Adil Hermach mentioned Real Madrid, its ability to contain the pressure from Manchester City during the quarter-final second leg of the Champions League, last Wednesday, his desire to defend together.

"Yes, on our scale, we were inspired by Real, smiles Tao Paradowski, immense Friday evening, author of ten saves and his ninth clean sheet. It wasn’t just me who was impassable, it was the whole team who was. We defended with 11 men. It was hot but we took pleasure in suffering together and we felt that we wouldn't break, that even a shot from six meters wouldn't go in. It was a match for survival, so we knew we were going to suffer but we also knew we had to win."

For Lemaangr, “an exceptional evening”

Première.Arrival &agrav; N&imes last July, coming from Beaucaire (N3), midfielder Abdallah Lemaangr, launched; in the deep end of the National à Orl&eac;ans, is the 31st player used; in the Championship since the start of the season. "I’éwas persuadedé that he would do this kind of performance, it's a good pick,” he congratulated himself. Adil Hermach at the end of the match. Âgé 25 years old, the native of Pontoise has had a difficult career path. “get involved,” says the crocodile coach. He was é trained at SCO Angers. Pasté also by Saint-Leu (N3) and the Valenciennes reserve (N3), he had an experience at high speed. abroad, & Apollon Larisas, in Greek Super League 2 (16 matches including 9 as starter). His feeling after his first victory: "It’éwas an exceptional evening for me."

Carton. Averti Friday evening à Orléans, Hamza Sbaï, à sentence of return of suspension, finds himself already under the threat of a third yellow card synonymous with a new automatic suspension, since he had been sanctioned &agrav; Épinal (28th day). Mbina and Mbemba are in the same situation.

Penalty. The Crocos, who remained on two failures (Mbina à Niort, Sané & in Dijon), have succeeded in Orléans their 3rd penalty in the Championship. He was é transformed by Mbina, the eighth goal of the Gabonese striker who scored as many times as to the Antonins qu’à outside.

5 euros.For the reception of the Red Star, already assured of its accession to Ligue 2, Monday April 29 & At 9 p.m., the crocodile club decided to join to offer a single price of 5 € for entry to the Antonins.

Hermach : "We are ready to withstand the shocks"

"In the self-sacrifice and the organization, everything was almost perfect, this provides the basis for continuing,” notes Sébastien Larcier. Adil Hermach would not have spit on "more control to play under pressure and punish Orléans once or twice by playing a few shots better". But what he wanted above all to remember was the generosity, solidarity and esprit de corps displayed, like a phenomenal Camara on defensive returns.

The successor of Frédéric Bompard, for whom he had a thought, exclaimed in a post-match press conference: "With this team (which still has to go to Goal FC and Martigues, Editor’s note), I can travel! We can accept to endure and stand back, we are ready to withstand the shocks."

Remarks validated by Orléans coach Karim Mokeddem who explained, Friday evening: "When an opponent saves twice on his line, it’s not a coincidence, it’ ;rsquo;is that he was determined to sacrifice himself. Which means that to equalize, we, unlike Nîmes, were unable to surpass ourselves."

The Crocs knew how to hurt themselves, as Adil Hermach had asked them to do. It is up to them, often guilty of going from one extreme to the other, to maintain this high level of demand because if they have returned to the level of the first non-relegation (Villefranche has a better goal-average), maintenance is far from being acquired.

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