Nîmes Olympique: Issam Bouaoune first player on trial, meeting Rani Assaf – Sébastien Larcier, next season is launched

Nîmes Olympique: Issam Bouaoune first player on trial, meeting Rani Assaf – Sébastien Larcier, next season is launched

Le milieu de terrain Issam Bouanoune, 21 ans depuis le 4 mai, est à l’essai toute la semaine avec Nîmes Olympique. MIDI LIBRE – EDZ

While the atmosphere is good and relaxing at the Bastide training center, Nîmes Olympique having ensured its maintenance in National before finishing in Martigues on Saturday May 18 (6 p.m. ), the big maneuvers have begun for next season. With a player on trial, Issam Bouaoune. And with president Rani Assaf and sports director Sébastien Larcier at the helm…

An unknown figure with a beautiful head of hair on the lawns of the Bastide which have also become beautiful again, a three-way game between Adrien Rabiot (Juventus), Adil Aouchiche (Sunderland) and Yacine Adli (Milan AC), these the last two being Franco-Algerians like him: here is Issam Bouaoune, tested by Nîmes Olympique. He participated in his first training session this Wednesday.

A midfielder trained at VA and returned to Indre-et-Loire for a full season in N3

Born on May 4, 2003 in Tours, he started playing football in Indre-et-Loire before joining the Valenciennes training center. Aspiring then a professional trainee, he stumbled on the last step of his first professional contract, and returned to play in his department last summer after four years spent in the North. The Algerian youth international is this season the playing master of Montlouis (N3), with whom he had a full exercise (9 goals, 8 assists).

"I am here through an agent. I'm staying all week. This is my only attempt at the moment. My favorite position ? Rather number 8", specifies Issam Bouanoune, who knows Picouleau from having worked with him at VA. "He is interesting, with great athleticism and maturity for his age", an observer present at the edge of the pitch confirmed to us this Wednesday.

Heavy work meeting

This trial in some way marks the start of next season. The maintenance recorded Friday after the victory against Sochaux (4-2), the board croco can now project itself. And if Sébastien Larcier, sports director at the end of his contract but who will continue his mission, was not present at training, it is because he had an appointment with the president Rani Assaf. A copious working meeting, with the main issue being the identity of the future coach of Nîmes Olympique.

Everyone at the club wants Adil Hermach to continue his mission, but he does not have the diploma required for a National coach. For the six matches he managed in April-May, NO will have to pay a fine of 7,500 euros per match. Continuing to do so would not be the trend. But "we have a cartridge to be able to keep Adil", hopes a Nîmes leader.

Four or five reinforcements hoped for by the time it resumes, Friday August 16

As for the squad, it should not be shaken up: the vast majority of players are under contract, and the executives will be retained. According to our count, Paradowski, Burner, Labonne, Sacko, Mbemba (return from loan to Dunkirk, but Nîmes would like to keep him), Sané and Doucouré are at the end of their lease.

Elements who played little, like Delpech, Ngakoutou or Wade, also have an exit voucher. Four or five reinforcements are hoped for, especially offensively, between now and the resumption of the championship, Friday August 16.

Goal rising, Rani Assaf still far from leaving…

One thing is certain, to finish: according to a source close to the locker room, Nîmes Olympique intends to give itself the means to play for the rise in 2024-2025 (in May 2025, the first two Nationals in May  2025 will move up to Ligue 2, the third will play an accession play-off against the 16th in L2, and the last three "only" will go down to N2). And its CEO, Rani Assaf, is still far from gone…

Live from training: one absent, Thibault Giresse, and one present, Gaël Angoula

L’absent : Assistant coach Thibault Giresse wasn’é la Bastide this Wednesday. Not because Fr&d&ric Bompard's number 2 is at the end of his contract, but because he took part in a gala match à Bordeaux, Tuesday, between the Légendes des Girondins team and the Vari&tés Club de France, & on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Parc Lescure. His father Alain, Tésor, Zidane, Blanc, Mbappé or Barthez were there. And Thibault, soon to be 43, even scored, reducing the score for the Vari&tés to just one. the end of a match won 5-3 by the Girondins (thanks to a double from Pauleta in particular).

The present : Ligue 1 referee Gaël Angoula, who lives now Nîmes and who played a season &agrav; NO (2016-2017), came as a neighbor to attend the event. the professional session, this May 15. The former defender, who will celebrate his 42nd birthday in July, will also end his season this weekend: he will lead the Metz-PSG meeting on Sunday, counting for the 34th and last. The first day of the elite.

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