Nîmes Olympique: Paradowski on fire and the Crocos revived after their victory in Orléans

Nîmes Olympique: Paradowski on fire and the Crocos revived after their victory in Orléans

Namakoro Diallo and the Nîmes held on like hell to contain Vincent Marcel and the Orléanais. MAXPPP – Christelle Gaujard

National (30th day). Thanks to an impassable goalkeeper, the Crocos, Friday in Orléans, preserved their early goal in the match until the end and returned to the success that had eluded them for five days (1-0).

Thank you Paradowski! The crocodile goalkeeper was, on Friday April 19, the great architect of the victory for Nîmes, who had been chasing it for five days (3 defeats, 2 draws). Monstrous, he made eight saves which allowed his partners to keep their early goal until the end. In the race to maintain, the Crocos are completely relaunched.

The 30th day of National and the ranking

The Nîmes, who had not succeeded in doing so for six matches, had the good idea to open the score. They did it quite quickly. Picouleau, who had already tested Viot on an eccentric free kick (2nd), scratched a ball which flew to Mbemba, unbalanced by Solvet in the area.

The technical sheet

Orléans – Nemesis: 1-0
Stade de la Source. Half-time: 0-1. Referee: Eddy Rosier. Spectators: 3,167.
Goal for Nîmes : Mbina (12th sp).
Warnings à Orléans : Goujon (57th), Solvet (61st), Marcel (68th).
Warning à Nîmes : Sbaï (51st).
Orleans:Viot – Solvet, Saint-Ruf (cap.), Jean-Pierre – Niakaté (Marcel, 62nd), Goujon, Soumaré (Ghorzi, 85th), Berthier, Ponti – Dabasse, Akassou.
Nîmes : Paradowski – Sbaï, Diouf, Lamgahez, Diallo – Lemaangr (Doukansy, 75th), Picouleau (cap.), Mexico – I. Camara (Khalid, 85th), Mbina (Doucouré, 85th) Mbemba (Thoumin, 66th).

Mbina’s penalty

M. Rosier was not particularly happy with the Crocos by granting the penalty. Viot was wrong-footed by Mbina, his 8th goal, perhaps the most important of the season (0-1, 12th). Because at half-time (it was the same at the final whistle), Nîmes had gained a place and were back on points with Villefranche, the first non-relegation team.

His lead, the Gard team, aggressive as can be and pressing high, like the Lemaangr surprise in midfield, hung on to it tooth and nail. Paradowski had done what was necessary three times in front of the restless Dabasse (8th, 17th and 20th), the heads of Solvet (18th) and Saint-Ruf (34th) having flown above, just like the powerful recovery by Ponti (41st).

Very compact in defensive mode, Nîmes tried to attack on the counter, succeeding less and less often as the minutes passed. Two opportunities failed Mbina, who uncrossed his head too much on a cross from Diallo (26th) and, full axis, then did not hit hard enough, in the 28th minute of play.

The rescue of Diallo, the parades of Paradowski

The recovery could have been catastrophic, if Diallo had not repelled a recovery in the open area from Soumaré (46th) on his line. This second period was going to be one of suffering for the people of Nîmes. If they loosened their grip and pushed the Orléanais back into their camp for about ten minutes, the rest would be an ordeal. Nîmes did not see daylight, had its head under water and the waves that followed one another were not far from engulfing it.

Except that in the cages, he could count on a fiery Paradowski, who made four saves in less than five minutes, on a header from Saint-Ruf and, in the continuity of the action , a recovery from Akassou (74th), on another header from Marcel (75th) and a strike from Goujon (78th). Impassable, the Nîmes goalkeeper was decisive again, one after the other, in added time, ahead of Dabasse then Akassou (90th +1).
Conclusion of Nîmes coach Adil Hermach: "We will have to count on us until the end…"

Reactions from the coaches

Adil Hermach (coach of Nîmes) : "We showedé a lot of determination, a lot of commitment, we had the attitudes of a team that is playing for its survival. We knew we were going to suffer and what I liked was that I had the impression that the players had liked the game. suffer."

Karim Mokeddem (Orléans coach) : "We picked up the thread of the match after the penalty and achieved then our best hour of play in a long time. Çit’transformed into in attack-defense, but we didn't score, there were saves, saves and more saves…"

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