Nîmes Olympique: the attendance at the Antonins, Diallo's assists, Bompard's prediction, the return of Labonne, the latest echoes from the Crocos

Nîmes Olympique: the attendance at the Antonins, Diallo's assists, Bompard's prediction, the return of Labonne, the latest echoes from the Crocos

Très actif dans son couloir gauche, Namakoro Diallo a délivré devant Villefranche Beaujolais, vendredi soir, sa troisième passe décisive de la saison. Midi Libre – MiKAËL ANISSET

Frédéric Bompard appreciated the support of Nîmes supporters. For the crocodile coach, their encouragement was decisive and greatly helped his players to snatch the equalizer (1-1).

Second best attendance

The Antonins stadium welcomed 1,730 people on Friday February 23. It was the second best attendance of the season (Martigues, 1st day, 2,252). Bompard wanted to thank all the Nîmes supporters who came and supported us for 95 minutes. There were a few more people to push us and it's also thanks to that that we were able to equalize.

Villefranche coach Romain Revelli also highlighted the contribution of the crocodile public: "I told my president. We have the same number of spectators but there is no noise like that! Obviously, it counts at some point in the match. On the red card and on the encouragement to help Nîmes equalize, the weight of the public was significant."

Bompard's prediction

"Before he came on, I told him he was going to score.", Frédéric Bompard's prediction came true just. Recruit of the winter transfer window, Abdoulaye Sané scored Friday evening, less than twenty minutes after his first appearance in the crocodile jersey. "It's true, the coach told me that I was going to score", confirmed the 31-year-old Senegalese striker. This is the 10th Croco to have found the net this season in National. Sané is also the 28th player used by Bompard in the Championship. Dagui Paviot was the 27th.

Diallo's decisive cross

In front of Villefranche, Namakoro Diallo, 27 years old, certainly the best Croco with Mexico, played a full match. On his left wing, he was extremely active. The blow to the shin received at the start of the match hardly disturbed him. Diallo multiplied the crosses, not always with precision, but it was he who placed the victorious ball on Sané's head for the equalizing goal. This is the third assist he has delivered since the start of the season, which allows him to become the best Croco in this exercise.  < /p>

No players notified

The Nîmes, Friday evening, did not receive any warning. This is only the second time that this has happened to them this season in the Championship, after the trip to Châteauroux (1-0 victory, 21st day), a week earlier.

Labonne, resumption of collective training

Victim at the end of the match in Sochaux, in mid-January, of a grade 2 strain in his right quadriceps, Ronny Labonne is on the comeback, his rehabilitation completed. Croc coach Frédéric Bompard announced that his right back would resume training with the group on Monday February 26. Between his numerous injuries and his suspension matches following his expulsion at Versailles (13th day), Labonne has so far only played six Championship matches.

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