No Euro for Swiss MHSC defender Becir Omeragic and four other players, who leave the Nati gathering

No Euro for Swiss MHSC defender Becir Omeragic and four other players, who leave the Nati gathering

Becir Omeragic would have been diminished by “physical problems” during the selection camp. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Diminished by "physical problems", Omeragic is one of the five players who were not kept by the Swiss coach, this Thursday, May 30, for the rest of the preparation for the   rsquo;Euro.

Becir Omeragic will not see Euro 2024. The Montpellier HSC defender, who had high hopes for his participation in the continental competition, left with four other players, including Marseillais Ulisses Garcia, the training camp of the Swiss selection, this Thursday, announced the Swiss Federation.

"After four days of training and an internal test match against the U19-U21 selection of FC St. Gallen, national coach Murat Yakin made, as announced, the first reduction in the squad. rsquo;effective. Becir Omeragic, Ulisses Garcia and Aurèle Amenda, who have physical problems, as well as Bryan Okoh and Joël Monteiro, will leave the national team camp today", explained the federation in a press release.

"Muscle problems"

"Ulisses, Becir and Aurèle were unfortunately hampered from the start by muscular problems", said the coach Murat Yakin, quoted in the press release.

The national coach summoned 38 players to a pre-list on May 17. While waiting for the players concerned by the European Cups in particular, twenty of them met on May 27 in Saint-Gall for a first preparation course. At the end of which Becir Omeragic was therefore not preserved.

The blow is hard for the defender. Author of a full season in Montpellier, the 22-year-old player openly dreamed of a second Euro, after his participation in 2021. " I gave my all to get there. It's sure, if I'm not called, it would be a disappointment", he confided before the announcement of this pre-list. His body, it seems, got the better of his ambition. If his injury allows it, he should be present from July 2 when the MHSC resumes.

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