Olivier Biscaye's editorial: “Emmanuel Macron's nerve”

Olivier Biscaye's editorial: "Emmanuel Macron's nerve"

Olivier Biscaye, editorial director of Midi Libre. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

Nothing is wrong with the letter from the head of state, the form as much as the substance. Nobody has perhaps completely won, but there is no doubt about the fact that Emmanuel Macron lost this election.

Election results

Nothing is wrong in Emmanuel Macron's letter. The form, first, was a new missive sent to the French at the time when he was on the plane for the NATO summit in the United States.

The bottom line, too, with this inability to name reality, Macronie was rejected by 75% of voters during the second round of the legislative elections.

No one may have completely won, but there is no doubt that the head of state lost this election.

The bottom line, always, with this invitation to political leaders to demonstrate "a sense of concord and appeasement in the interest of the country". It's cheeky all the same for the one who preferred to govern these last two years by 49-3, and even daring for the one who aroused the anger of so many citizens at the time of the “yellow vests& ;rdquo; and demonstrations against pension reform.

If the poker move of dissolution undermines the President, it damages our institutions and the French relationship with universal suffrage. Disappointment leads to nothing good.

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