“On websites, the choices are wider”: they explain why they choose to buy online

“On websites, the choices are wider”: they explain why they choose to buy online

L'e-commerce a bouleversé les comportements d'achat des Français. Selon une étude de la Fevad, il a eu un impact positif sur la vie quotidienne de deux Français sur trois. https://imagebroker.com/10186220

De plus en plus de consommateurs adoptent les achats en ligne sur la multitude de sites spécialisés. Trois Héraultais expliquent leurs motivations.

According to the Observatory of Internet Uses, based on data dating from the end of 2022, in France, 80.2% of men and 80.6% of women are buyers on Internet sites. 39;s e-commerce. This shows the power, today, of their appeal to consumers.

"It's simple, says Estelle, who lives in Castries, near Montpellier, on the Internet, the choice is wider. Additionally, item availability plays a role". "On the Internet, it is easier to compare products and customer reviews, adds Amine, who lives in Vendargues, near Montpellier. It's better than being approached unexpectedly by salespeople, who respond almost systematically by reading the product's technical sheet.

"We criticize Amazon, but we find almost everything"

E-commerce sites and marketplaces now have a firmly anchored place in the purchasing habits of the French. "We criticize e-commerce, but on Amazon, you can find almost everything you want, insists Frédérique , who lives in Cazouls-lès-Béziers. In addition, the prices are often attractive and we have it delivered to your home.

For Estelle, who doesn't like shopping very much", l& The advantage of shopping on an e-commerce site allows you to take a step back from the purchasing decision. "That gives us time to think. We are less into impulse buying". If, as she explained, the choice is wider, it is also more diverse. "Some online stores do not exist in physical stores", she adds.

E-commerce has had an impact on the daily lives of two out of three French people

Amine, for his part, retains the advantages developed by e-retailers, even if this is not exclusive to this category of commerce players. "For several years, we have noticed a deterioration when taking charge of household appliances under warranty. The delays, when there is a breakdown, are often too long. On Amazon, broken products are immediately replaced by an exchange or refunded.

According to a survey conducted by Fevad, the federation of e-commerce players, with a sample of 1,055 people, two out of three French people say that e-commerce has had a positive impact on their daily lives over the past ten years. "In the field of household appliances, delivery costs amount to hundreds of euros, whereas on e-commerce sites , they are generally offered", note Amine.

In times of inflation, the price factor is essential

In times of inflation and weakened purchasing power, saving money remains a priority. "When I see the price of a perfume on the Internet, it is very different from one store to another"< /em>, explains Estelle. "It's often cheaper or the same price, but you don't travel, you are delivered to your home, which is not nothing& quot;, adds Frédéric.

Another advantage: invoice management. "They can be more easily preserved as they are digital. We always end up misplacing the paper receipt, supports Amine.

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