O’Pif Rouge, a new address so you don’t eat at random…

O’Pif Rouge, a new address so you don’t eat at random…

O’Pif Rouge, a new address so you don’t eat at random…

Isabelle and Franck cultivate conviviality on rue de la Cavalerie.

Franck and Isabelle Noury ​​have opened a warm and friendly tapas wine bar, “where you feel at home”. A place that reflects the couple’s passion for hospitality… and good wines.

With O’Pif Rouge, "we wanted to make an impression, so that it would be remembered ", announce Franck and Isabelle Noury, creators of the wine-tapas restaurant bar, at 17 rue de la Cavalerie. "It's a wink for the oldies." For the others, they will give the Pif the meaning that suits them!

What is certain is that the bet has paid off because since its opening, in November, the customers "rather customers, often a group of friends, come to spend a moment. Some arrive at 7 p.m. and leave at 1 a.m.". No doubt because we feel good there. Here we don't push you to leave room for a second service. In addition to the quality of the food, people also come here for its terrace and its comfortable decor mixing furniture in warm, contemporary colors. Two levels offer the possibility of privatizing the first floor. Blue walls vary according to the light and others in authentic stone and exposed beams. "It feels like home ", enthuses Isabelle in the kitchen. It offers hot or cold platters and tapas using quality fresh produce. But what makes the place original are its carefully selected wines. "More than 70 wines on the menu, the majority of which are local wines but also wines from Spain, Italy and Argentina. 41 of them are offered by the glass!" We can therefore come and taste, compare, smell, taste with the good advice of Franck who speaks about it as a great amateur.

"We wanted to create a friendly place where you feel good, offering good vibrations, exchanges& quot;, he adds. No doubt it is not entirely by chance that Franck and Isabelle set up their second business at the Beaux-Arts (the first, a pizzeria in Castelnau, now run by their son). Isabelle says: "When I was a student, I came to the Beaux-Arts to see my grandparents ". His grandfather Jean Puccinelli was involved, among other things, in the resistance, union and political life. He even held an assistant position in Georges Frêche’s team (1983-95). Franck, smiling, concludes: "It's a return to basics".

Tuesday to Saturday.

Correspondent: 07 86 12 64 91

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