Outdoor partnership days return to Millau

Outdoor partnership days return to Millau

Millau reconnue pour son excellence en matière d'activités de pleine nature Midi libre – Maxime Cohen

Millau accueille les 2 et 3 avril les quatrièmes journées partenariales de la pleine nature.

It’has become a traditional meeting place for outdoor professionals in Occitania. Before starting the season, they have been meeting for four years, in Millau, to discuss the various issues linked to their profession and so that Occitanie maintains its tourist attractiveness thanks to its wide open spaces.< /p>

200 participants expected

Once again, next April 2 and 3, they will be in Millau for two days of discussions around several subjects. This year, the theme around which they meet is "Entering into outdoor activities : the keys to success". " 200 participants are expected during these two days hosted by Serge Moro, editor-in-chief of Esprit Trail magazine and sponsored by Audoise windsurf champion Marion Mortefon", presents the Occitanie Region, at the coordination of this event.

A financial grant of 1 500 €

On the program, several round tables and conferences. This fourth edition will be marked by something new: the Sport and connect challenge. The latter will reward an outdoor actor who has applied and will receive a financial grant of 1 500 €.

"Millau, town of excellence for outdoor activities"

"I am delighted with the continuation of these partnership days, organized for the fourth consecutive year in Millau, a city of excellence for practice outdoor activities, welcomes Vincent Garel, president of the Regional Tourism and Leisure Committee (CRTL). It is here that the Natural Games festival takes place every summer, an international benchmark for outdoor sports, as well as the Festival des Templiers, one of the most famous trails in France. "

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