Overturned trash cans: the wild boars at fault ?

Overturned trash cans: the wild boars at fault ?

Des déchets éparpillés chemin des Rossignols

Overturned trash cans: the wild boars at fault ?

Poubelles du chemin des Rossignols sans dispositifs de sécurité.

For several weeks, the streets of Vailhauquès have been the scene of a curious phenomenon: trash cans are overturned every day at dawn, and Tuesday April 30 was no exception. Residents of Chemin des Rossignols and Chemin de Murles discovered the street trash bins turned over and scattered in the early morning. This situation exasperates the residents, who point the finger at the wild boars. Indeed, the proximity to the forest, the absence of natural predators and the presence of an Aspas wildlife reserve can favor the wild boar population.

Faced with this problem, the community of communes of Grand Pic Saint-Loup (CCGPSL), responsible for waste collection, recommends that the residents of Vailhauquès secure their bins by installing tensioners on the lids in order to keep them closed. A seemingly simple solution, but which is not sufficiently applied. In fact, the majority of overturned trash cans do not have these safety devices, although some are equipped with them.

However, some residents of Vailhauquès are not convinced that wild boars are solely responsible for these acts of nocturnal vandalism. A hypothesis emerges: the action of malicious people. This avenue, although less mentioned, is not excluded and some residents find it difficult to explain that all the damage can be attributed solely to wild animals. The trash cans returned to Chemin des Rossignols seem to have been dumped in all the streets by malicious people and not by animals. In any case, this is what was mentioned by the residents who called the town hall.

Faced with this persistent situation, it is crucial for the residents of Vailhauquès to remain vigilant and work together to find sustainable solutions to preserve the cleanliness of their environment.

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